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Good, better, best: Indoor trampolines your kids will love

Kids always seem to have a lot of energy and certainly love to bounce, which is why many families have an outdoor trampoline. When Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate, those aren’t an option. Indoor trampolines have become pretty trendy because the kiddos really love them. Many adults have even incorporated exercise trampolines into workouts. Due to these trampolines being designed for indoor use, the design is not as large as an outdoor trampoline or built for height, but they provide just enough bounce for kids to enjoy.

When shopping for an indoor trampoline for kids, it’s important to take weight limits into consideration. If the indoor trampoline is for toddlers and younger-age children, a safety bar helps keep little legs steadier. Plan where you are going to put the indoor trampoline and take into account the space available. Indoor trampolines are made for one user at a time, unlike outdoor ones. Let’s take a look at the best indoor trampolines to get your kids bouncing safely.

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Good: Little Tikes 3′ Indoor Trampoline

Unlike some indoor trampolines that can do double duty inside or out, Little Tikes Indoor Trampoline is for inside only. It’s a good option for younger kids who love to jump. According to the manufacturing directions, the indoor trampoline is for ages 3 to 6. It has a 55-pound weight limit and is for one child at a time. An added balance bar provides stability for the jumper. This indoor trampoline measures 36 inches in length, 36 inches wide, and a height of 33.5 inches. It’s crafted from plastic and metal, featuring a padded jumping area.

Better: Wamkos Mini Trampoline for Kids

The Wamkos Mini Indoor Trampoline is a better indoor option, especially if your household has multiple ages, or you want one that will grow with your kids. The trampoline can go inside or out and offers a foldable design. Tools are also not necessary for setup. It’s meant for ages 3 and up with a weight limit of 220 pounds.

The design boasts a steel frame, a foam-covered balance bar, and a heavy-duty jumping mat. Its rubber-tipped legs won’t scratch the floor, and parents will also appreciate the no-squeak bounce courtesy of the 30 rust-resistant bungee loops that help provide a springy bounce.

Best: Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net

The best option for parents looking for an indoor trampoline to keep the kids busy and happy when forced to stay inside is Skywalkers Trampolines Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net. Just like an outdoor trampoline, its indoor design features a safety net. The net is sewn right onto the mat, so there aren’t any gaps feet can slip through. It also features a padded handle bar running around the entire diameter of the jumping area to help bouncers stay upright. Plus, the enclosure net has a convenient zipper entrance, offering additional safety.

When zipped closed, kids won’t be able to slip out. The jumping pad uses elastic pads, not springs, to connect the mat to the frame. Skywalker Trampolines has different-sized models of its mini indoor trampoline — the smallest is 40 inches in diameter, while the largest is 60 inches. All the designs are recommended for ages 3 to 7 with a 100-pound weight limit. It can be used outdoors, as well, but is better suited to indoor use.

Keeping kids busy is always an uphill battle, and with increased screen time it is important to keep children active. Sometimes, it isn’t feasible to head into the backyard for outdoor time, which makes having an indoor trampoline a convenient option.

While indoor or outdoor trampolines come with safety concerns, these three models offer additional safety features to help your kids jump safely inside. Little Tikes is a good pick if you want something small for younger children. Wamkos is a better option for households with different ages because it will grow with your kids. Both include safety bars. However, the best choice is Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline with enclosed netting, which is an added safety feature. When kids fall, as you know they will, the netting is there for extra protection.

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