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Smiling boy swimming with pool noodle

Too cold to swim? 9 out-of-water games to play with pool noodles

Pool noodles can be used for a ton of fun games outside of the pool. Our nine fun activities that will be a hit with your family.
Dad using a laptop with his daughter

Experts say this is the best way to introduce kids to the internet

Toddler girl having fun finger painting

5 easy summer crafts for toddlers to do on the weekend

Preschool teacher talking with students at a table.

This is what kids actually learn in kindergarten

Mother reading a book to her daughter

12 inspiring Dr. Seuss quotes your child will love

Kids drawing a mural

Experts agree: 5 benefits of art for your child’s development

Kids enjoying a vacation in the water.

What is dry drowning? This is what every parent needs to know

Cute kitties popping out of gift boxes for a cat themed birthday party

6 ways to make a cat-themed birthday party unique and tons of fun

Parent and teen talking while sitting on the couch.

Empty nest syndrome: Your complete guide

Chicken and vegetables

5 600-calorie dinner ideas your family will love

Popcorn with sunglasses and movie tickets

The best kids’ movies of 2024: What you should see in theaters next

Measuring tape around a fork

What exactly is an almond mom? A “new” parenting style to know about

Toddler boy being fed green beans

How to make baby food with green beans in less than 10 minutes

Make green beans for baby in as little as 10 minutes with these recipes.
Mom breastfeeding and manual breast pump on the table

What’s power pumping? All about this method to increase milk supply

Understand what power pumping is and when, why, and how breastfeeding moms would need to do it.
Standing on a weight scale

What to do when your child is obese

If your child is obese, you play an essential role in keeping their weight at a healthy level. We discuss what you can do.
Mother measuring daughter's height against a wall.

When do girls actually stop growing?

If you have a daughter, here is when she will be finished towering over you.
Sister and brother having fun playing with backyard sprinkler

6 fun water games for 8-year-olds when you don’t have a pool

Kids don't need a pool to get soaked this summer. Try these alternatives.
Children playing outside in the grass.

What does poison ivy look like? What you need to know to protect your kids

What does poison ivy look like? Here's what to know about the plant and how to treat your child if they start scratching.
Parents having a talk with their teen.

How to keep from becoming a snowplow parent

Snowplow parenting has taken over helicopter parenting, learn what it is and how to avoid becoming a snowplow parent.
Pregnant woman with fever

Common second trimester problems: When to call your doctor

Learning about second trimester pregnancy complications can be frightening, but understanding what could go wrong can help you prepare and know what to expect.
Group of children running in capture the flag in a park

How to play capture the flag: Teach your kids the rules

Capture the flag is a fun, competitive game ideal for the outdoors and groups of kids, which means every parent should know the rules! Here's how to play.
Pregnant couple cuddling.

What you need to know about throwing a nesting party

Learn all about what a nesting party is, why you would want to throw one, and how to do it.
Happy toddler boy reading a picture book

9 simple steps that’ll help teach your toddler to read

It may sound difficult, but teaching your child to read is easy and fun with these simple steps that most definitely do not involve flashcards or apps.
Pregnant woman on a bed.

Everything you want to know about fraternal twins

Think you might be carrying fraternal twins? Understand how your pregnancy will go and what it means to have this set of multiples.
Grandpa and grandson laughing at a knock-knock joke

These funny jokes for 6- to 7-year-olds will be a hit with kids

Get the whole family laughing with these jokes that are perfect for the 6- to 7- year olds in your life.
Pregnant woman standing next to a horse

7 tips for a maternity photo shoot you’ll never forget

Follow this memorable advice for the best maternity phoyo shoot.
Kids having fun in a pool and wearing sunglasses.

These are the absolute best pool games for kids

If you're looking for fun things to do outside, make a splash this summer with these cool pool games for kids.
A dad playing with his toddler.

5 great activities to teach your toddler to listen

Sometimes, getting your toddler to stop (or even slow down) long enough to listen to you can be a challenge, so here are some things you can do.
Baby boy with diapers

This is how many baby diapers you should actually go through per day

Curious how many diapers you'll need? We';; break down how many diapers you'll need for that first year with your new baby. The number may surprise you.
Baby sleeping on his back and smiling

These 5 signs mean your baby is probably going through a growth spurt

Babies experience the most growth during their first year, so here are some helpful tips to recognize when your baby is about to go through a growth spurt
Teens at outdoor birthday party

10 stellar summer birthday ideas for your kid

Looking for cool summer birthday party ideas? We've got a fun list of awesome birthday celebration ideas for when school's out for summer.
A baby laying on a chalk drawing of outer space.

11 out-of-this-world space names for boys and girls

These 11 space-inspired names are ideal for anyone looking for an out-of-this-world moniker for their little one.
Niagara Falls Between the United States and Canada

Lesser-known things to do in Niagara Falls that won’t involve crowds or queues

Niagara Falls is the iconic family vacation, but it gets so crowded. Here's what to do to beat the crowds.
Child with umbrella

15 fun rainy day activities for kids you should have in your back pocket when boredom kicks in

Don't let raindrops dampen plans, we've got fun rainy day activities if you want to stay at home or head outside.
Pregnant woman on a bed.

What every expecting parent needs to know about Lamaze

The name might be the same, but the game has changed. Here's why everyone who will be part of the birth needs to take Lamaze classes.
Baby sleeping in a bed with their mouth open

How to sleep train your baby without a big struggle

Here are list of helpful tips for how to sleep train your baby.
A family on vacation taking a break to look at the view

Need parental alone time? 9 great resorts with kids’ clubs worth the splurge

All-inclusive resorts often offer kids' clubs that allow parents some alone time. Find out which ones are worth the splurge.
Preschool teacher talking with students at a table.

This is when your child should start preschool

If your family needs to enroll your tiny human, what age is preschool best for? If your tot has to start school, here are the ages for enrolling in preschool.
A baby lying down with their head turned away.

Newborn hair loss is normal – what to know about baby hair

If your child is born with a full head of hair but starts to lose it, don't panic. Here's when and why your newborn will experience baby hair loss.
Teenagers getting twisted over tongue twisters

There are actually some helpful benefits of tongue twisters for kids

Who doesn't love tongue twisters, but did you know that tongue twisters for kids actually help develop speech and language skills.
A family on vacation taking a break to look at the view

10 fun summer activities for kids and parents to do together

Looking for cool stuff to do this summer, then check out these fun summer activities parents and children and even teens can do together.
Infant sleeping on mother's shoulder

Is pregnancy brain a myth or reality? The lowdown on pregnancy forgetfulness

One of the more frustrating aspects of pregnancy can be becoming more forgetful, absentminded, or distracted. This is called pregnancy brain — Is it it real?
A mother holding her baby.

When do babies’ eyes change color? This is very interesting

When do babies' eyes change color? Time will tell if your little one ends up with the eye color they are born with, but we will help with the time frame.
Tattooed mom with baby

Can you get a tattoo while breastfeeding? What you need to know about getting inked up while nursing

Can you get a tattoo while breastfeeding? Here's are the risks of tattooing while breastfeeding you need to consider before you decide.
Baby swimming in a pool

When can babies go in the pool? What you need to know before summer starts

We break down all you need to know about when you can bring your baby in the pool as the warm weather approaches.
Child painting at an art-themed painting party

Spark your child’s creativity with these incredible art projects for kids

Kick the boredom and ignite creativity with these fun and easy art projects for kids.
Little boy on potty

Tips for potty training a boy

Here are seven tips for how to easily potty train a boy.
Baby In a diaper

How to help a constipated newborn safely

Here are easy and safe ways to help a newborn poop.
Cute baby girl surrounded by possible names

The best middle names for girls: 30 great options

Picking a name for your baby girl can be tough, and once you've settled on a first name you still have to decide on a middle name. Here are some great options.
Kids running with each other at a party.

Get kids active this summer with these excellent running games

Get kids active this summer or any time of year with these fun running games.