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5 incredible movies on Disney+ to entertain the kids on the road

Family road trips are so much fun. The actual travel part is almost as exciting as finally arriving at your destination. But for kids and teens, not so much. The idea of sitting in a car next to your siblings for an extended period of time isn’t necessarily appealing, especially when surrounded by luggage. Thankfully, unlike when we were kids, there’s the ability to watch Disney+ movies on the road. Even better are road-trip movies to get the kiddos inspired for those lengthy miles on the road. If you’re packing the car to head out, be sure to pack the devices to make the miles pass by more quickly. Then, be sure the kids tune in to these fun movies that are certain to ignite wanderlust.

Tween girl watching a movie in a car

The Parent Trap

Separated shortly after their birth when their parents divorced, two twins unexpectedly turn up at the same summer camp. It takes a bit, but eventually, the pair figure out they are actually twins. The conspiring begins when Hallie and Annie want to switch places. Annie, as Hallie, heads to California to finally meet her dad, while Hallie, as Annie, goes across the pond to meet her mum in London. Kids will love the craziness and the sweetness, but the scenic backdrops are just as inviting. From Napa Valley to London to a California camping trip, viewers get energized to pack the suitcases.


Even a rat’s view of Paris is pretty breathtaking. Remy the rat dreams of becoming a famous chef and can actually make a better ratatouille than his new human friend, Linguini. The two team up to cook at one of France’s finer restaurants, and things get a little wild. In between all the cooking, kids get a deliciously delightful view of Paris.

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

The movie is considered the finale of the popular Disney Channel series starring Hilary Duff. The series focused on the life and times of 13-year-old Lizzie, her friends, and all the trials and tribulations of being a teen. In the movie, Lizzie and pals head to Rome for a special graduation trip. Things get interesting when Lizzie is mistaken for a famous pop star while in Italy. Lizzie McGuire was a big hit when it was on. Kids will enjoy the silly plot and just might want to make Rome the next family destination.

Togo The Untold True Story

Kids and teens are probably familiar with the tale of Balto, the sled dog who helped save a group of children in Nome, Alaska, from diphtheria by delivering medicine. What kids probably don’t know is that it was Togo who made the longest and most dangerous part of the run. This Disney+ movie follows Togo from his beginnings as an impetuous and spirited pup throughout his life and, of course, the famous serum run. The whole family will love this Alaskan adventure that includes amazing scenery. The kids may need tissues in the backseat for this one, though, and will be Googling how they can adopt one of Togo’s relatives when it’s over.

Cool Runnings

Another inspiring movie set along the sandy beaches of Jamaica all the way to the stunning views in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is the story behind the Jamaican bobsled team that made headlines in the late ’80s when they competed at the 1988 Winter Olympics. The movie tells the story behind the team’s modest beginnings. This is another movie that will get kids curious about the story as well as interested in Jamaica.

With these Disney+ movies, you’ll have something to keep the kiddos entertained during the road trip. Just remember, since you won’t be connected to the internet, you will need to download beforehand. With the Disney+ app, you’re able to steam its collection but also watch when you’re not on WiFi. All you need to do is download the app and the movies you want to watch before you pull out of the driveway. Once you’re on the road and the boredom sets in, the kids can access the movies by clicking on the download icon located at the bottom of the menu.

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