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The best clay for making butter slime at home

The fun about slime is that once you have the base ready to go, you can add other types of add-ons for textural and color purposes. The clay will add the buttery and stretchy texture and be a source of color for your slime. If you want your own colors, you can use different food colorings and dyes to incorporate. You can use anything from beads to packing peanuts to create fun textures to play with for texture.

Butter slime is slightly different from the other plain slime recipes that you can find on the internet. It uses the traditional slime base, which is made of glue, baking soda, and a saline solution, and adds in soft clay. The clay needs to be soft like model magic clay for the slime to incorporate it properly. The lighter the clay, the more you will want to use it to get it to the right consistency. Thorough mixing is necessary to make sure the whole solution is homogenous.

Original Stationary Soft Clay

Best White

The Original Stationary Soft Clay comes in a bright and gorgeous white that will be a great blank canvas for your next clay slime activity. You will entertain kids with this smooth, stretchy, and easy to use clay slime. You can mix this easily with other slime accessories and other Stationary soft clay colors to mix and match colors, textures, and designs.

Daiso Japan Soft Clay

Best Overall

When you want to have a solid clay to mix with your slimes to make the perfect butter slime, Daiso Japan Soft Clay has your back. This clay comes in plenty of different colors that are highly pigmented, so you will not lose any color when you mix and mash it with other slimes. It’s a very soft and fluffy clay that doesn’t leave anything sticky or slick behind.

Sago Brothers Air Dry Clay

Best Starter Kit

It can be hard to find the perfect kit when you are just starting out with slime making. The Sago Brothers Air Dry Clay gives you everything you need to start making fun butter slimes without any stress of purchasing items in bulk. It will teach your kids how to mix and match colors and you can also use the air dry clay to create custom sculptures that are sure to push the bounds of their creativity.

Playing with slimes can help increase your child’s motor skills, problem-solving skills, and social skills when they work together with you to create their masterpieces. These soft clays are sure to add another layer of fun in the creation of their slimes.

NewFolks Contributor
NewFolks Contributor
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