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The best craft beads for endless fun

Using beads as a crafting tool will help your child’s cognitive and motor skill development. Making designs and imagining up what would work is a great way to teach your child how to problem solve in creative ways. It also teaches them how to pre-plan designs and work around problems that they may encounter. The small nature of beads will also help them practice fine motor skills and control as they work to make intricate jewelry and designs.

There are a few different beads to look out for when you are shopping around for craft supplies. Each of these bead types will dictate the kinds of projects you can make. A pony bead craft will let your child make things like bracelets and necklaces. It can also be used to weave together for keychains. Iron bead crafts use irons to melt together the beads to make solid pictures together. These bead melting crafts can make things like coasters or large charms for necklaces.

Just My Style ABC Beads

Best for Kids

If your child likes to make their own jewelry to wear or gift to their friends, the Just My Style ABC Beads will let them personalize through the multitude of beads in this pack. It comes with over 1000 charms in different alphabet styles, pony beads, and other cute and colorful beads that will make over forty jewelry pieces.

Perler Assorted Multi-color Fuse Beads

Best Variety Pack

The Perler Assorted Multi-color Fuse Beads will let your child unleash their creativity with the pack of 22,000 beads. There are thirty different colors to create interesting pictures that include shading, outlining, and precise patterns. The multi-color Perler bead set is the perfect way to start off with the hobby or supplement your current stash with even more colors.

Perler Harry Potter Fuse Bead Kit

Best Theme

Do you have a fan of the mystical and magical world of Harry Potter in your family? The Perler Harry Potter Fuse Bead Kit is a fun and officially licensed Perler bead collection that lets your young one create their own Harry Potter creations. You get 4,000 beads, a pegboard, and an ironing paper, and a pattern sheet to help guide them in the creation of all their favorite Harry Potter emblems and characters.

Beads are a fun and creative way for your kids to express themselves. It lets them have fun and make crafts that are also useful and beautiful to wear. Gift your child the chance to make their fun crafts and watch their faces light up as their minds and hands get to work.