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The best crystal beads for jewelry making

Jewelry making is a fun way to pass the time. It also helps encourage other skills like problem-solving, creativity, and fine motor skills. Children will have to work to figure out what designs and beads can work together and the amounts they need to make the right sized piece of jewelry. They can get creative with the designs that they produce. And stringing beads together can be tedious and challenging but will sharpen their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Crystal beads can come in many different materials, shapes, and colors. The materials tend to either be hard plastic or glass that is crystallized to mimic the effect of the gems. The shine that makes them look like gems also comes from the way that the bead is cut. The more surfaces, the better the shine on the bead. Then, the colors you can get are all across the rainbow since manufacturers can implement whatever colors they think the crafter will enjoy.

Bingcute Wholesale Briolette Crystal Glass Beads

Best Starter Kit

If you want to get into crystal beads for your jewelry making kits but do not know where to get started, the Bingcute Wholesale Briolette Crystal Glass Beads gives you an exemplary number of beads to choose from to mix and match to your desired design. There are thirty pieces of each of the ten colors, and it comes in a pre-sorted box. The crystallized beads look realistic and will catch the light just like a real crystal would.

ZHUBI Bicone Crystal Beads

Best in Bulk

When you know you want to get a lot of jewelry making done and need the kit that will help you with it, the ZHUBI Bicone Crystal Beads has got your back. Each kit comes with 1,400 pieces to work with. With 14 unique colors, you can make a myriad of designs that are sure to impress. The cut of each bead increases the number of surfaces that can catch the light when worn.

LONGWIN Glass Bicone Beads

Best Color Variety

For those who need to have the perfect color and bead every time, it can be hard to nail down a set that will have everything you need. The LONGWIN Glass Bicone Beads are sure to impress with the 1800 piece set that comes in 18 different colors. These four millimeter beads are made with exquisite colorations and in bicone shapes that make it easy to work with and mold to whatever jewelry or 3D shapes you want them to be.

Never let a missing color or bead stop you from creating the designs of your dreams. These crystal bead kits for jewelry making are sure to help impress those who get to see your magnificent creations.