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6 fantastic baby shower themes for a memorable party

Baby shower themes no one will forget

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Whenever you throw a party, an extraordinary theme is a must, and a baby shower isn’t any different. Whether you are planning a baby shower for yourself or in charge of putting one together for the mom-to-be, finding that special theme sets the tone for the party. Since this essentially is baby’s first party, you want it to be one to remember. So, finding a perfect theme can be a tall order.

Do you want to go with a traditional baby shower or do something off the beaten path? Will it be just for the ladies or a couples shower? Regardless of where your tastes lie, we’ve got a fun and fabulous list of baby shower themes to help make your planning a breeze.

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Distinctive baby shower themes

Shower themes have come a long way, baby. Today, almost anything goes when it comes to baby shower themes. Classic ladies-only showers are always a blast, but baby showers that are all-inclusive events are, too. With possible baby shower themes so wide open, it can be hard to narrow the field. Once you pick the theme for the party, everything else falls in line.

Here’s our list of baby shower themes that make the day memorable for the mom-to-be and the guests. All the shower ideas work with traditional, couples-only, or co-ed baby showers.


It’s hard to believe Friends premiered on television in 1994 because pretty much everyone has grown up watching this classic in reruns and on streaming services. So, if you’re looking for a different baby shower theme, try this comfort show everyone loves.

Hold the shower in the favorite coffee shop you and your friends frequent, or turn a venue into Central Perk courtesy of decorations. Thanks to sites like Esty, you can find Friends-inspired invitations and decorations. Like the title of each Friends episode, the shower can be The One Where They Become Parents or The One Where Susie Has a Shower. 

For favors, think of those can’t-forget food episodes like the floor cheesecake and Monica’s candy the building couldn’t get enough of, or Phoebe’s chocolate chip cookies. The party menu can even revolve around food featured in your favorite episodes.

80s retro

For a fun retro theme for the shower, embrace the 80s. All you need is a great mix tape, chunky jewelry, leg warmers, and some big hair. Seriously, decorations for an 80s-themed baby shower are relatively simple since neon colors were all the rage then. Dress up your space in 80s gear with neon-colored streamers, balloons, and tablecloths.

The baby shower guests can get their glow on like an 80s dance club, complete with some karaoke featuring signature tunes from the decade. Head over to Esty for nostalgic invitations. Your menu can include 80s staples like sloppy joes, bagel pizzas, and frozen yogurt. As a partying favor, send guests on their way with a pair of fingerless gloves, which were a big thing back in the day.

Classic tea party

If you’d prefer a more traditional baby shower theme, a tea party is the perfect pick. An outdoor tea party is always an inviting setting, especially if the weather permits. Otherwise, you’ll be able to find an indoor venue to hold the tea party without too much fuss. The invitations can be in the shape of a teapot or feature one.

Decorations can include pastels, flowers, and lacey tablecloths. Have all different types of tea on hand to drink, including herbal teas, which are caffeine-free for the mom-to-be. Be sure to have scones, jam, cream, and finger sandwiches on the menu. A simple favor can be small gift bags stocked with, you guessed it, tea bags.

Teddy bear tea party

For a fun twist on the traditional baby shower tea party theme, add some teddy bears into the mix. Toss some adorable teddies into the classic tea party decorations. Guests will bearly be able to wait for this baby shower once they see the invitations.

The menu can be the same as for a traditional tea party, except add in some teddy bear cookies for dessert. Ask guests to bring a teddy bear or a baby item featuring a bear for a wishing well. For favors, send guests home with tea, a teddy-shaped cookie, or teddy bear Rice Krispies Treats.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

For parents-to-be who can’t wait to share the world with their little one, throw a Dr. Seuss-inspired baby shower. Ask guests to bring their favorite Dr. Seuss book to put in a wishing well. This is a great way to start baby off with a wonderful library.

Decorations can include globes, the Eiffel Tower, and other notable landmarks from all around the world. Set up tables like a cute Paris cafe. You can find inspiration for invitations on Zazzle or have the shower invitation printed on a bookmark. A whimsical favor for guests can be a Cat in the Hat cookie or cake pop to enjoy on the way home.

Boho chic

Boho-chic baby showers continue to be very popular with parents-to-be because of the laid-back, gender-neutral vibe. The backyard or a garden is an ideal backdrop for a boho-chic baby shower. You can also transform an indoor venue into a boho-chic setting with earthy decorations featuring hues like green, beige, tan, cream, and gray. Add in pretty floral arrangements or inviting plants.

Breakfast or brunch is perfect for a boho-chic baby shower. The menu can feature omelets, waffles, bagels, pancakes, and muffins with coffee and tea. Invitations should feature the same earthy tones as your party decorations. A thoughtful favor is a potted succulent that guests can put on their desk or windowsill at home.

Planning a baby shower for yourself or a friend is exciting. It can be daunting, too, since there’s a lot of pressure to pick just the right theme. There are quite a few baby shower themes, whether you want a traditional event or something a bit different. With our list of playful, charming, or classic baby shower themes, you’ll be able to find just the right one to suit your mama-to-be’s tastes.

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