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The best easels for carefree painting

You can’t always paint on your table or in your notebook. An easel allows you to get just the right angle for your painting projects, whether you need a floor option or something smaller. Let’s find the right model for your needs and make art an integral part of life for you and your children.

A standard easel allows you to stand as you paint. A tabletop easel for painting ensures you have a space to work even in the smallest studios. Easel painting for kids is also possible, with choices scaled down to match small bodies. There’s an easel out there that’s perfect for what you need, and it’s time to find it. Here are our best choices.

Hape All-in-One Wooden Kid's Art Easel

Best Overall

The wooden child-sized easel here provides space for all kinds of creativity. It includes a tray to hold art supplies, an adjustable height display, and a roll at the top to hold the paper. One side is magnetic, and the other is a chalkboard. Simply pull down the paper and secure it with magnets to paint or draw with ease.

Step2 Flip and Doodle Easel

Best with Storage

This sweet storage desk is perfect for younger children. It features an easel top with a whiteboard surface, tons of storage for all your art supplies, and a stool that supports up to 75 pounds. The material is durable plastic, making it easy to wipe down and keep clean. It's durable and stable enough for even much younger children to use.

STEAM Life 4-in-1 Art Easel

Best Value

Take advantage of multiple surfaces and convenient magnets with this child-sized easel. It uses durable plastic for an easy to clean surface, and you can adjust the height to grow with your child. It comes with chalk, magnetic letters, markers, and an eraser along with a slotted tray to keep things organized. It's suitable for art and learning.

Our easels offer stability for painting and art projects, whether you need something full-sized or that fits in a small space. These easels are the tools for creating and helping encourage a life-long love of the arts in your children. Now, everyone in your home has the tools for creativity and learning.