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The best foam paint brushes for home projects

In addition to being a great aid while painting rooms in a home, foam paint brushes are ideal for sign making, wood staining, metalworking, art projects, and decorative painting. The brushes are designed to hide strokes well while promoting smoother finishes. These upper-echelon foam paint brushes can help you put the finishing touches on a host of projects.

Foam paint brushes — such as a round foam paintbrush — typically are made of a sponge-like material and sport a wooden or plastic handle. A foam brush for painting trim is ideal because it applies paint very evenly and smoothly without dripping. Foam paintbrushes have hundreds of uses, so tap their many benefits by getting some of these leading foam brushes.

Artilicious Foam Paint Brush Value Pack

Best Assortment

Are you seeking a good assortment of foam paintbrushes for your kids? The Artilicious Foam Paint Brush Value Pack has that covered. It comes with 25 foam brushes in assorted sizes and shapes tailored for children. They can be used for craft or painting projects, including stenciling. The brushes are recommended for children aged 3 years and older and are safe for educational use.

Artilicious Foam Paint Brush Pack

Best Value

To gain foam paintbrushes that are high in value and functionality, grab the Artilicious Foam Paint Brush Pack. The low-priced pack comes with 50 foam brushes with wooden handles that are safe for educational use. Each of the one-inch foam brushes can be used with any type of paint, stain, and varnish.

US Art Supply Foam Sponge Set

Best Basic

For those interested in only a basic foam paintbrush, check out the US Art Supply Foam Sponge Set. The pack of 20 basic brushes is made from a foam blend for high absorption and paints distribution. Their foam cells are designed to absorb paint and reduce drips until an application is made. Engineered to be lightweight, durable, and easy to hold, the brushes have wood handles.

Finish off a paint, craft, or art project in style and good stead by using handy foam paintbrushes. When it comes to providing smooth and hidden strokes with no drips, these foam brushes are tops.