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The best pearl beads for arts and crafts

If you’re crafting with your child or alone, you’ll need a wide variety of materials to ensure your dreams are reality. Our top choices for best pearl beads take care of that little piece of decoration, whether you’re making a necklace or gluing to a scrapbook. You’ll get quality beads that look great and won’t lose their luster. Here’s what you need to know.

Not all pearl beads are created equal. You’ll need a variety of shapes and designs to bring your vision to life. These choices allow you to accomplish a variety of crafting projects and ensure you never have to sacrifice your vision. Plus, they’re durable and well made. Let’s take a look.

Sorrento Crafts Half Pearl Beads

Best for Scrapbooking

This set contains a variety of sizes of pearl half beads, a convenient way to get pearl details on flat surfaces like scrapbooks and phone cases. You'll get around 5600 pieces total with sizes 10 mm (35 pieces), 8 mm (60 pieces), 6 mm (150 pieces), 5 mm (300pieces), 4 mm (500 pieces), 3 mm (1000 pieces), and 2 mm (3600pieces). All counts are approximate. The finish is excellent, and they come in a conveniently divided case to keep everything organized.

PH PandaHall Mixed Pearl Cabochon

Best for Diy Crafts

These mixed color half beads are a fun addition to any craft. You get 17 different colors ranging from size 4 mm to 12 mm, with about 690 pieces in total. The divided case helps you keep things organized, and you get a variety of sizes in each color to complete your craft project. The pearl finish is scratch-proof, oxidation proof, and dust resistant.

PH PandaHall Elite Environmental Dyed Pearl Beads

Best for Jewelry Making

This package includes full beads suitable for making beaded pearl necklaces and other jewelry making. They come in 24 pearl-like colors, and each color contains around 60 pieces for about 1440 pieces in total. The conveniently divided case keeps all your colors separate for easy location, and the finish of the beads is highly durable. They're scratch and oxidation proof and will keep their shine even with use. The bead size is 6 mm, and the hole is 1 mm.

These pearl-like beads are affordable, easy to use, and come in a variety of finishes. You’ll have exactly the pearl look you need, no matter what the project is. Don’t compromise on your vision with something of lesser quality — these choices are your best chance to finish any craft project that requires a pearl finish.