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The best turquoise beads for beautiful jewelry

You can find that turquoise beads do not only work for things such as turquoise beaded bracelets or beaded turquoise earrings. Rather, you can use them in other different crafts as well. You can sew them into embroidery pieces to give a 3-dimensional look to your art piece. You can also find beading crafts that create 3-dimensional art pieces out of beads in different structural forms. You can find plenty of creative ways to use these gorgeous beads.

The turquoise stone has been used for thousands of years as a sign of wealth and riches since they are hard to find and give off a vibrant blue color. In other cultures, they believe that turquoise is a stone full of spiritual power and that the wearer will gain a deeper connection to the Earth and repel evil spirits and negativity. When making a turquoise necklace, beaded bracelet, or earrings, this will help you create pieces that will resonate with the intended wearer.

JARTC Stone Turquoise Beads

Best Color

When you are going for the color that pops into everyone’s head when they think of the word “turquoise,” then you won’t find anything that can beat the JARTC Stone Turquoise Beads. Each of these four millimeter round beads is rounded, smoothed, and polished to show off the turquoise’s natural shine. Even though all of the beads show off that bright color, each stone is unique due to the natural variations in the stones.

Qiwan Natural African Turquoise Beads

Best Natural Look

For those who want to have a more natural look to their work, the Qiwan Natural African Turquoise Beads have a larger amount of variations between each of the beads. The round turquoise stone will have a mix between the traditional turquoise color and variations of brown and grey marbling to create a beautiful and varied sea of colors.

Cmidy Natural Stone Beads

Best Bulk

When you know you need a lot of beads for one project or create a bulk amount of jewelry at once, you need to get yourself a kit that will have everything you need for the job. The Cmidy Natural Stone Beads come in packs of 100, and each bead is made of natural African turquoise. The stones are mined in accordance with the EU Environmental Requirements Standards for eco-conscious crafters.

These turquoise beads bring the beauty of nature right to your jewelry. Find the right kind of beads that match your style and build so you can have them handy for any project. Harness their spiritual importance and make them into beautiful pieces of art.