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3 baby food makers under $200 totally worth the price

Providing children with healthy and wholesome meals can sometimes prove difficult for new parents, especially when kiddos move past nursing or bottles and onto more solid foods. With major baby-food companies facing lawsuits and investigations, now more than ever, parents are looking to cut out the middleman on the baby-food market and make their own versions at home.

Not only does making your own baby food at home make cost-effective sense, but it also greatly increases the knowledge of what goes into your baby’s food. For a lot of parents, this knowledge is the kind of peace of mind that’s not often found. We’ve spent some time researching and reviewing all-in-one style baby-food makers, narrowing the options down to three superb choices. These fresh-food makers are the perfect tool to assist parents in whipping up meals without headaches or prep work.

homia Dansa 8-in-1 Baby Food Maker

When it comes to bells and whistles, this little machine has a lot of them. From steaming to grinding, blending to pureeing, this little food maker takes all the guesswork out of making your baby their very own personally catered foods without added preservatives or fillers.

Its three stackable containers are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. Steam, cook, and warm veggies whole — or take it a step further and easily grind or puree the contents for a more manageable meal for younger infants. Its stylish composition and multiple color options help it blend easily into many modern-styled kitchens. The easy-to-read setup simplifies the process of preparing meals even quicker. All it takes is a press of a button!

Why we like it:

  • BPA-free and dishwasher safe
  • Multiple color options can blend in well with different kitchen designs
  • Setup is easy to read and use

Babymoov Duo Meal Station

For an effective product with a beautiful kitchen aesthetic, look no further than the Babymoov Duo Meal Station. Available in two sizes — classic and XL — this all-in-one style food maker has a blender side and a secondary steamer side, with stackable trays to heat multiple foods at the same time. Because this super-convenient product is all-inclusive, it saves on counter space and prep work.

Make a whole week’s worth of meals in one afternoon with Babymoov’s innovative design. Its easy-to-read LCD display makes creating fresh treats for your baby simple. Backed by infant nutritionist Célia Giraudie, Babymoov’s product is a clear choice for any choosy parent. Additionally, this product can also be used as a bottle sterilizer, making it a great choice for long-term use in your kitchen.

Why we like it:

  • Can heat multiple foods simultaneously
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • Versatile design can double as a bottle sterilizer

EVLA’s Baby Food Maker

If you are looking for the easiest and most foolproof method of baby-food making, then parents, you need to purchase this ingenious machine right away. Not only does it give parents the freedom to decide what goes into their child’s body, but it also self-cleans. You read that correctly; this little baby-food maker cleans itself after each use. Simply add clean water to the reservoir, set the self-clean mode, and walk away. It doesn’t get much more magical than that.

But in case you weren’t sold on this product yet, it is also designed with a more user-friendly reservoir opening that allows you to reach inside to clean it regularly. Mold is known to frequent the insides of such canisters, so it’s important to clean that area thoroughly and regularly. And as a fun bonus, this machine now comes with reusable food pouches. Simply make your little one’s meal or favorite pureed snack, place it into the squeeze tubes, and voilà! You can present perfectly prepared and healthy meals made with love.

Why we like it:

  • Self-cleaning feature
  • User-friendly design
  • Comes with reusable food pouches

From self-cleaning settings to eye-catching aesthetics, there are several “extras” that all parents can enjoy in each of these three products. However, each one successfully and carefully does its job and does it well — preparing and producing healthy and high-quality homemade baby food.

Whether your child has special dietary needs, is sensitive to all those extra preservatives, or you’re simply looking to cut out unnecessary costs in your monthly food bills, then any of these well-made, all-in-one systems will get that job done for you daily. What are you waiting for? Change your baby’s routine and take charge of their health and diet with one of these convenient and high-end baby-food makers.

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