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The best decorative throw pillows for a cozy nursery

Throw pillows come in all different shapes, sizes, and designs for your kid to enjoy. You are sure to find a throw pillow that complements your child’s personality and room decor. Parents who have specific themes will find plenty of options for graphics and patterns that will blend with an existing room’s style. Look through our list of the best decorative throw pillows and see for yourself.

You can usually find throw pillows on couches and on beds for adults, but why not add some fun to your child’s bed, as well? These pillows give extra support to your child as they sit in bed relaxing and playing. They also give them another seating option when they are on the floor or if they have little friends over to play. Another use is providing a child a small boost to whatever seat they’re using around the house. These throw pillows add a lot of utility for your child.

VAKADO Cartoon Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

Best Selection

VAKADO gives you an array of fun graphics to mix and match for your furniture. The covers are made of a polyester, cotton, and linen blend that is soft to the touch. The hidden zipper design is easy to tuck away. Each set comes with four pillows that will enhance the cute design of your child’s room.

HGOD DESIGNS Alphabet Pillow Cover

Best Design

The gorgeous print of these pillow covers makes a beautiful design that will fit effortlessly in your child’s room. The cover is made of a high-quality cotton, linen, and burlap fabric that is durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear. The throw pillow cover is an 18-inch square that has the print on both sides. The invisible zipper closure makes sure your child will not get to it.

HEYHOUSENNY Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

Best Set

This set is whimsical and fun while still being beautiful for your child’s room. The throw pillows have fun mountain and nature designs that follow a blue color palette. The material is made of a short plush that is softer than most other throw pillow covers and is easy to clean up with a quick machine wash.

There are an abundance of decorative throw pillows on the market, but we hope we have helped you narrow down your choices. These amazing throw pillows are sure to brighten up your child’s room as you add a little more comfort to their favorite spot.