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10 stellar summer birthday ideas for your kid

Make a splash with these cool summer birthday party ideas

Kids enjoying eating pizza at a birthday party
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Kids may get disappointed when their birthday falls during the summer because they can’t celebrate it in school. On the other hand, having a summer birthday opens the door to celebration possibilities. Without school and extracurricular constraints, it can be easier to plan a party when school is out.

Then, there’s the weather. Summer allows you a lot more freedom when it comes to deciding on what type of birthday party you want to have. Unlike winter, summer parties can head outside without layering up. So, if your kiddo’s special day is approaching and you’re looking for summer birthday party ideas, we’ve got cool suggestions that will make a big splash.

Summer birthday party ideas

Kids playing games in a pool.
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The awesome thing about hosting a birthday party in summer is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be indoors. Indoor birthday parties are often limited by the type of venues in your immediate area. Summer birthdays allow for a bit more creativity and can be indoors or out, depending on what the guest of honor wants.

Parents may also be more apt to host a house party if the celebration can be kept outside. So, if you’re looking to host a birthday party for your child this summer, we’ve got awesome ideas that are always a hit.

Pool party

The obvious choice for a summer birthday party is a pool party. If you happen to have one in your backyard, dive in. Kids love a pool party, especially the guests who don’t have one. Pool parties can be easy to host but do come with a safety risk. Save yourself the worry and hire a college-aged lifeguard to supervise the kids in the pool. Don’t worry if you don’t have a pool and your kiddo wants a pool party. Check out your community or local pool clubs. They typically offer pool party options for members and non-members.

Ice cream party

Who doesn’t love ice cream? It’s also a summertime staple. You can host an ice cream party complete with a toppings bar at your house or see if an ice cream shop near you offers parties. Another option is hiring an ice cream truck to come to your house. You can also top off a backyard pool party with an ice cream truck and combine the two ideas.

Outdoor movie party

For a fun summer birthday party that works for any age, including teens, transform the backyard into an outdoor movie theater. You can go Disney for younger kids, Harry Potter for tweens, and Marvel or classic 90s for teens. The key to an outdoor movie party is the snacks. Have plenty of classic movie treats like popcorn, M&Ms, Twizzlers, and nachos on hand.

Backyard game party

Kids love to play games. So, for a super-fun summer birthday party, turn your backyard into an outdoor game center. Set up backyard games like cornhole, ring toss, bucket golf, spike ball, and badminton. Add in Jumbo Jenga and Connect Four. Guests will have a blast playing the different games. You can set up a snack bar paired with cool drinks. Instead of a cake, opt for an ice cream bar.

Park party

If you don’t want to host in your backyard, think about holding a summer birthday party in your local park. Many parks offer rental options that include the pavilion. Kids can enjoy the playground in between some organized games like Red Light, Green Light and Freeze Tag. The biggest drawback to hosting a park party is bringing all the food to the location. You can keep it simple, too, and have pizzas delivered to the park.

Tie-dye party

A great summer birthday party idea for tweens is a tie-dye party. Guests can make their own tie-dye tees. The tees serve as the party favor. Ask guests to RSVP with their T-shirt sizes. Order the shirts and tie-dye materials ahead of time. On party day, set up tie-dye stations. While the colors are setting, serve the food.

Splash party

Cool off with a summer splash party by transforming the backyard into a water land with sprinklers, baby pools along with water balloons and blasters. For a fun touch, have blowup rafts set up for kids to sit on. Be sure to keep the paper products out of the line of splashes and have plenty of ice pops for snacking.

Campout party

Kids love the idea of camping outside. If the guest of honor loves camping, invite guests to come around sunset with their sleeping bags. Have flashlights for the invitees. Kids can play manhunt, depending on their age. Tell spooky stories, create friendship bracelets, and make s’mores. For older kids, you can turn the campout into a sleepover. With younger kids, have pickup be after the s’mores.

Art party

If your kiddo is crafty and loves creating, turn the backyard into an art studio. Set up different art stations where kids can sponge paint, finger paint, use watercolors, and paint with water squirters. The great thing about an outdoor art party is the easy cleanup, especially with washable paint.

Beach party

For folks who live near the beach, hosting a party on the sand is a definite do. Just be sure to organize the party during lifeguard hours and designate parents to also keep an eye on the kids playing on the sand and in the water. Rotate parents for fresh eyes. If you don’t want the stress of a party on the beach, you can turn your backyard into one. All you need are some baby pools filled with sand. Pick up buckets and shovels at the dollar store with other sand toys. Personalize buckets with names and there’s your favor. You can also have some water areas set up, too, and don’t forget the bubbles. An ice cream bar with toppings will certainly top off the party.

Other summer birthday party ideas

Little girl having a healthy fruit cake at her birthday party
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For more summer party inspirations, try these cool themes:

  • Garden tea party
  • Teddy bear tea party
  • Sports party
  • Miniature golf party
  • Obstacle course party

There really isn’t a shortage of summer birthday party ideas. The amazing thing about summer is the opportunity to hold a party outdoors. Weather can certainly be a consideration. So, be sure to build in a rain date, rent a tent, or have an indoor spot to relocate in case thunderstorms happen to be rolling through the area right around party time.

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