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The best thermometers for kids in 2024

best thermometer for kid
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When your child is sick, accurate temperature readings are crucial for making informed decisions about their care. A reliable thermometer ensures you obtain an accurate temperature reading to assess the severity of the fever and determine the appropriate course of action, such as administering fever-reducing medication or seeking medical attention.

In this review, we’ve assessed the best thermometers for kids in 2024, considering accuracy, ease of use, and reliability. The top option on our list is the Easy@Home thermometer, recognized for its easy-to-read LED screen and color-coded fever alarm. Additionally, when it comes to purchasing the right thermometer for your child’s needs, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive buying guide.

The best thermometers for kids

Easy@Home Thermometer For Kids

Easy@Home thermometer for kids – Best overall

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The Easy@Home thermometer for kids is an easy-to-use, reliable thermometer that was designed with your child’s needs in mind. The advanced, infrared detection system lets you take not just body temperatures but object surface temperatures of objects and room temperature as well. Plus, it captures temperatures within one second. The large LCD screen makes it easy to view readings in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

This thermometer has unique features that make it a great choice for medical professionals. Its built-in memory technology stores up to 32 readings, making it simple to track temperature changes over time. It also has a silent mode, a beep mode, an auto-off function, and a safety-first audible fever alert. Additionally, it comes with a free plastic hard case for added protection. It’s simple to use thanks to its large LCD screen and color coding, making it our top choice overall.


  • Has three modes
  • Comes with two AAA batteries
  • No contact needed for measurement


  • Beeps very loudly
iHealth Thermometer For Kids

iHealth thermometer for kids – Best display

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The iHealth thermometer for kids is a digital infrared thermometer designed to provide safe and hygienic readings with its non-contact technology. The built-in infrared temperature sensor allows the thermometer to measure a person’s body temperature without physically touching them, creating a pleasant and safe experience for both users and medical professionals alike.

The thermometer has an ultra-sensitive infrared sensor that collects more than 100 data points per second, as well as distance and environmental sensors to account for other variables—all of this combined creates an accurate reading each time the temperature is taken. With a single-button control design, the temperature can be read in just one second, even in dark settings, and is displayed on an extra-large LED display. A gentle vibration notification is also given to the hand holding the device, eliminating any beeping or buzzing sounds.


  • Accurate temperature readings
  • Easy-to-read, backlit digital display
  • No beeping noises or bright lights


  • Does not have a memory function
GoodBaby Thermometer For Kids

GoodBaby thermometer for kids – Most reliable

The GoodBaby thermometer for kids is a great product for anyone in search of a reliable and high-performing thermometer. It’s ergonomic and easy to use, making it ideal for use by both adults and children alike. The thermometer uses reliable ABS housing materials and boasts impressive, advanced technology that yields excellent performance. The firm grip allows you to easily take temperatures without struggling.

Furthermore, this thermometer uses infrared technology to quickly and easily read temperatures in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. One of its top features is that it can be used for all ages, including infants, children, young adults, and the elderly. It can also take the temperature of rooms and objects, making it ideal for a wide array of uses, like monitoring your living space or taking surface temperatures.


  • Perfect for both adults and kids
  • Easy-to-read digital display
  • Fast and accurate results


  • Doesn’t have an off switch
THERMOBIO Thermometer For Kids

Thermbio thermometer for kids – Most portable

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The Thermbio thermometer for kids is a great choice for those who want a reliable and accurate thermometer. Its equipped with the latest smart chip technology and utilizes an optimized algorithm, ensuring its three ultra-sensitive sensors measure temperatures accurately, quickly, and reliably. This thermometer also has long-term durability, with tests showing that it can last over 1,000 hours of use.

Not only is it reliable, but it’s also precise. The infrared sensor collects more than 150 data points per second in outdoor and indoor environments alike. That way, it can guarantee maximum accuracy every time you take a temperature. This thermometer is user-friendly and features a 30-second automatic power-off function. It also has a memory storage function, a sound toggle, and a fever alert system.


  • Easy to use and read
  • Has an impressive battery life
  • No-touch feature eliminates need for contact


  • Doesn’t include an information booklet
Vicks Thermometer For Kids

Vicks thermometer for kids – Most accurate

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The Vicks Tthermometer for kids is an excellent choice for those who want to accurately and quickly measure the temperature of babies, kids, toddlers, or even adults. It’s one of the most commonly used thermometers by pediatricians, mainly due to its innovative pre-warmed tip. This ensures that accurate readings are obtained every time you use the thermometer.

Unlike other ear thermometers, this one doesn’t produce lower temperatures as a result of a cool tip, making it both reliable and easy to use. For added convenience, this thermometer features disposable lens filters for simple maintenance. It also has easy-to-use controls that make taking temperatures a breeze.


  • Highly accurate readings
  • Remembers the last recorded measurement
  • Uses regular AA batteries


  • No backlit screen
best thermometer for kid 2024
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Thermometers for kids: A helpful buying guide

When it comes to finding the right thermometer for kids, there are many important product features you should consider. Keep reading to explore our detailed buyer’s guide, which is designed to help you make the right choice for you.

What to consider when searching for a kids’ thermometer


When choosing a thermometer for kids, accuracy is the most important feature to consider. It not only affects the final reading but it can be the difference between identifying a fever and missing one entirely. Look for thermometers that use clinical-grade accuracy. Also, make sure they are FDA-approved. For example, temporal artery thermometers or forehead thermometers are usually more accurate than traditional oral and ear thermometers. Keep this in mind as you shop.

Ease of use

The next factor to consider when purchasing a thermometer is its ease of use. Selecting a thermometer that is easy to use and understand can ensure more accurate readings. Look for user-friendly designs with large LCDs, making sure they provide clear results with a simple operation. Consider models with tutorials or a user manual to make the process even easier.


Safety is another important factor to consider when choosing the best thermometer for kids. Look for products that are non-toxic, non-invasive, and free from risks of infection. For instance, ear thermometers should include disposable cone tips to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Similarly, forehead thermometers usually have contactless sensors. These can provide safe and hygienic readings without making contact with the skin.


Thermometers have different prices based on their features and overall quality. So, it’s always good to shop around and compare price points before making a purchase. Consider products that offer great value and high quality for a reasonable price. Also, look out for sales and discounts that could help you save money in the long run.

Age range

The age range of the individual using the thermometer should also be taken into consideration. Make sure the model that you select is appropriate for your child’s age group.


Size is another key factor to think about when shopping for a thermometer for your child. Most oral and ear thermometers are small. However, it’s important to double-check that it will still fit in a child-sized mouth or ear canal comfortably. So, look for smaller models that have comfortable grips and adjustable handles. Make sure these details are specifically designed for children as well.


Speed is essential when taking your child’s temperature. A few seconds can make all the difference when taking temperatures stemming from illnesses like the flu. Consider models that offer quick readings in a matter of seconds. That way, you’ll know how to help your child sooner.


Choose products that are designed to last and have good warranties in case something goes wrong with them in the future. Check out customer reviews online to see how reliable and durable each model is before making a purchase decision.

Temperature range

Make sure the thermometer you select has an adjustable temperature range. That way, it can measure temperatures from low to high both accurately and effectively. Check to see what temperature range each model offers before you make a purchase. This will help you ensure that you get accurate readings every time you take your child’s temperature.

Type of display

If you want faster results and more versatile options than what traditional dials or mercury-based thermometers can provide, consider models with LCDs or digital readouts. These offer considerable benefits, including reliability, readability, and convenience.

Common questions about thermometers for kids

Q:How long does it take for a thermometer to provide a reading?

A: The time it takes a temperature reading to appear will depend on the type of thermometer. Digital thermometers usually provide readings within one minute at most. Alternatively, infrared thermometers provide nearly instant readings. Refer to the product instructions for precise information.

Q: Can thermometers store previous temperature readings?

A: Many modern thermometers have a memory function that lets them store previous temperature readings. This feature can help track temperature trends and share information with your child’s doctor.

Q: Can a thermometer for kids measure the temperatures of different body parts?

A: Some thermometers for kids are versatile, meaning they can measure the temperatures of different body parts. Some examples include the mouth, the underarm, and the forehead. However, you must check the thermometer’s instructions to determine its recommended usage.

Q: How should I clean and sanitize a thermometer?

A: Cleaning and sanitization methods may vary depending on the type of thermometer. Generally speaking, you can clean digital thermometers with a soft cloth, dampening it with alcohol or mild soap and water. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for specific cleaning guidelines.

Q: Can a thermometer for kids be used on adults as well?

A: Yes, most thermometers for kids can be used on adults. However, it’s important to check the thermometer’s instructions to ensure it has an appropriate temperature range for adults.

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