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The best baby doll high chairs for social learning

There are many reasons why parents encourage children to play with dolls. Your child can practice social skills by themselves when they talk to their doll or with other children when they play games like house. Your child will also learn responsibility through the ways in which they take care of their dolls, just like you take care of them. Most importantly, it helps with their creativity and imagination that you will want to foster in them, so they have a strong grasp of it from an early age.

High chairs are a common piece of furniture in your home when you have a baby, so it isn’t a surprise that your child would want one for their baby doll, too. They can mimic your actions with their own doll, like lifting their doll into the seat, feeding them play foods, and cleaning up afterward. Children naturally mimic their parents’ actions, so they will follow along with what you have done, and you can start seeing the development of their cognitive skills throughout playtime.

Mommy & Me Doll Collection High Chair

Most Realistic

If your child is not sold on the frills and thick plastics of some other baby doll accessories, then they will be pleased to get the Mommy & Me Doll Collection High Chair. This chair fits most 18-inch dolls and folds flatly, so you can set it up and take it down anywhere. The chair comes with metal legs that lock in place and a removable plastic feeding tray so your child can set their doll’s food down right in front of them.

JC Toys Deluxe Doll Accessory Bundle

Best with Accessories

When your child wants the whole shebang, the JC Toys Deluxe Doll Accessory Bundle is a great purchase to get everything you could need. It has three distinct accessories your child can use to interact with their doll: A high chair, bathtub, and crib. The accessories fit 11-inch dolls, and they each come with smaller implements that match the accessory’s style and function. This is safety tested and approved for all children 24 months and older.

Badger Basket Doll High Chair

Most Durable

If you need a durable chair that will last years of play time, the Badger Basket Doll High Chair is the perfect choice for your household. It comes with a tray that you can lift and lower when placing the baby doll in the seat. The footrest at the bottom, and the fabric-covered chair adds to the realistic feel of the doll’s high chair.

Your child can set up their doll’s high chair anywhere in the house. They can have their dolls eat right next to them during dinner, or they can put the high chair in their room to play house. Either way, your child gets to interact with their doll on another level that helps them develop bonds with their toys and works on real-life skills that they will use in the future.

NewFolks Contributor
NewFolks Contributor
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