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Momcozy offers the coziest breastfeeding bras and more

review: momcozyBeing a mother is a beautiful and rewarding experience, but it also comes with its challenges and difficulties. Whether you’re a new mom or you’re expecting a baby, you need products to support you throughout this fantastic journey. Momcozy has been around since 2017 creating products for mothers. It offers a range of products that are convenient and durable — from comfy nursing bras to intuitive electric breast pumps and soothing nipple creams to supportive nursing pillows.

What is Momcozy?

Momcozy began in 2017 with a clear vision: to address the challenges mothers faced with existing breast pumping technology. This desire stemmed from the real challenges that mothers encountered. Breast pumping technology back then was hardly suited for the active life of a parent, especially a working mom.

Supported by a community of moms, it introduced the Momcozy breast pump bra. Each year since, the brand has expanded its offerings. Its diverse range of maternity products now includes bottle warmers, pillows, and baby carriers.

Our review of Momcozy

Review: Momcozy

Momcozy bottle warmer

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The Momcozy bottle warmer is a versatile device that offers a range of functions to make feeding easier. It fits most bottle types and materials, ensuring safe and even heating for baby bottles and food. From breast milk to formula, it caters to the needs of babies at different ages. What sets it apart is its intelligent heating design. It allows you to choose the milk status, bottle material, and milk volume, and then automatically heats to the temperature closest to mom’s breast milk. It not only aids in your baby’s digestion but also preserves the vital nutrients in the milk.

One of the standout features is its speed. With a 30% faster heat-up time, you can warm milk from cold to the perfect temperature in as little as 2 to 5 minutes. Additionally, the one-touch thawing function is incredibly convenient. Simply place a bottle or bag of frozen milk in the warmer, press the “THAW” button, and it will automatically thaw, heat, and keep the milk warm for up to 24 hours. Plus, it offers steam up to 100°C (212°F) for sterilizing bottles and baby food jars, ensuring your baby gets the best care possible. It’s a must-have for any parent looking for convenience and efficiency in feeding their little one.

Momcozy Pregnancy Pillow

Momcozy pregnancy pillow

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The Momcozy pregnancy pillow is an ideal pregnancy pillow for expecting mothers. The velvet pillow comes with your ultimate comfort in mind. Its ergonomic design replaces the need for multiple bed pillows as it wraps around your entire body, offering support to your head, back, belly, knees, sides, hips, and feet.

This maternity pillow improves blood circulation throughout the night, alleviating back soreness, hip pain, and leg swelling. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud thanks to its premium polyester filling that strikes the perfect balance between comfort and support. What sets this pillow apart is its versatility. You can easily adjust it for various purposes, whether nursing, watching TV, or reading. Plus, you can switch up the support to different body areas. For expecting mothers seeking exceptional comfort, pain relief, and quality rest, this pregnancy pillow is a must-have.

Momcozy Baby Carrier

Momcozy baby carrier

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The Momcozy baby carrier is an excellent baby carrier for parents seeking hands-free convenience without compromising comfort and style. Whether running errands, embarking on adventures, or navigating daily life, this 3-in-1 baby carrier is your ideal companion. One standout feature is its adaptability to your child’s growth, accommodating weights from 7 to 44 lbs. No matter how big or small your baby is, the carrier ensures a secure and ergonomic “M” position, promoting healthy hip and spinal development. The padded leg openings guarantee unobstructed blood circulation, prioritizing your baby’s comfort and safety.

What truly sets this carrier apart is its ergonomic design. The built-in EVA waist support minimizes back strain, making extended wear a breeze. Plus, the thickly padded shoulder and waist straps are easily adjustable, providing a personalized fit for parents of all sizes. It’s a thoughtful back saver that lets you enjoy every journey with your baby, fostering a strong connection and exploration in three comfortable positions. Whether you’re a new parent or looking for the perfect gift, this baby carrier offers unmatched comfort, safety, and style.

Momcozy Kneading Lactation Massager

Momcozy kneading lactation massager

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The Momcozy kneading lactation massager is an innovative device that lives up to its promise of deeply relieving blockages and making the breastfeeding journey more comfortable and efficient. With its three powerful deep-shiatsu kneading massage balls, this massager mimics real hands, effectively clearing clogged ducts during pumping or breastfeeding. Its 3-in-1 multi-functionality is a standout feature, offering 12 different care methods, including three speeds of kneading, six vibration modes, and three heating levels. This versatility ensures you can always find the gentlest and most effective mode to dislodge clogs, alleviate engorgement, and facilitate letdown.

Plus, this compact massager can be discreetly worn inside your bra, making it incredibly convenient for nursing and pumping. It eliminates the need for hot towels and compresses, saving time and hassle. The product’s safety is a top priority, as it comes with a food-grade liquid silicone that’s BPA-free and gentle on the skin. This feature makes it a perfect gift for new moms or expectant mothers. Operating the massager is a breeze with just three buttons, and its IPX6 waterproof rating allows for use in the shower, providing a soothing massage under warm water, which can help alleviate stubborn ducts and engorgement. With its efficient design, multi-functionality, and safety features, this kneading lactation massager is a must-have tool for breastfeeding moms, providing relief and convenience during this precious journey.

Momcozy Women's Maternity High Waist Underwear

Momcozy maternity high waist underwear

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The Momcozy maternity high waist underwear offers comprehensive abdominal support with its high waist design, providing 360° coverage for your belly. It’s a lifesaver for those struggling with back pain and the weight of their growing abdomen during pregnancy. The expandable belly panel ensures a perfect fit throughout your pregnancy journey.

What sets this maternity underwear apart is its seamless and highly elastic fabric. It grows with your belly, offering comfort from pregnancy through postpartum recovery. The added back support is a bonus, making it a must-have for every mom-to-be. This underwear is moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating. It keeps you cool and comfortable, even on the hottest days. The unique side waist mesh design enhances breathability and adds to the overall comfort. With high-cut deep hips, this maternity underwear provides full coverage without cutting into your thighs. It offers a smooth and supportive fit, making it the perfect companion for all your maternity outfits, regardless of the season.

Momcozy Breast Pump

Momcozy breast pump

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The Momcozy breast pump is a perfect item for moms seeking freedom and comfort in their breastfeeding journey. This breast pump offers unparalleled convenience. It allows you to pump breast milk anytime, anywhere, whether at work, driving or on the go. One of its standout features is the SPA-level lactation experience it provides. The innovative “Baby Mouth” design mimics a baby’s natural sucking motion at a horizontal angle, ensuring painless and efficient lactation while maximizing milk production. The ergonomic breast arc design and double-sealed flange ensure a comfortable fit, making pumping a breeze.

This breast pump doesn’t stop at comfort; it also enhances milk efficiency with its micro-vibration technology, promoting milk secretion during breastfeeding. With three modes and nine customizable levels, you can tailor your pumping experience to match your preferences. Plus, it comes with four different flange sizes to accommodate various breast shapes. Made from food-grade silicone, it’s not only safe for you but also for your precious baby. The minimal number of parts makes it easy to use and clean.

Momcozy reviews from customers

We were intrigued by Momcozy’s commitment to enhancing the parenting experience, especially for mothers. Eager to understand the real-world impact of their products, we delved into customer reviews to gather firsthand insights. The analysis revealed that Momcozy has deeply touched its customers’ lives with positive testimonials and consistently high ratings.

One standout product that received an influx of praise was the Momcozy bottle warmer. Customers loved how quickly and efficiently it warmed bottles, ensuring that their little ones didn’t have to wait long. Many noted its adaptability, highlighting the different settings for various bottle types, like glass or plastic, and the option to adjust based on the content, whether breast milk or formula. This bottle warmer, for many, was more than just an appliance; it was an essential tool that made their parenting journey smoother.

In conclusion, the overwhelming positivity in the reviews solidifies Momcozy’s position as a brand that genuinely understands and serves its customers. Their bottle warmer, in particular, has emerged as an essential tool for parents, merging convenience with functionality. As the brand continues to grow and innovate, its products are not just about utility but also about making the beautiful journey of parenthood a tad bit easier.

review: momcozy
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Where to buy Momcozy products

You can buy Momcozy’s offerings on its official website, and they’re also prominently featured on renowned online platforms like Amazon. With various shopping avenues, securing Momcozy’s premium mother and baby care products has never been more straightforward and hassle-free.

Sign up for Momcozy

Users can create an account with Momcozy to enjoy the latest updates and offers. 

Momcozy shipping and return policy


You can purchase individual items from various categories like Maternity, Bras, Feeding, Baby Care, Bundle Sales, and New Arrivals. The shipping policies for Momcozy apply as described:

For regular orders, Momcozy has a processing time of one to two business days. Shipping time can range from 3-8 business days, depending on the location, and can extend to 20 days for rural areas. There are specific shipping rates and times based on the country or region. For instance, orders under US$24.99 to the United States or Canada are charged at US$4.99 and have a delivery time of three to five business days.

For wholesale or bulk orders of Momcozy’s products, consider reaching out directly to their customer service for detailed policies and potential discounts.

Return policy

Momcozy offers a satisfaction guarantee to its customers. Customers can return the products unconditionally within seven days of receipt under certain conditions:

  • The product should be in the original package and not used.
  • Customers should return all components of the order, including any gifts.
  • Return shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Customers must provide proof of purchase from Momcozy’s official website.
  • Customers cannot return clearance items for a refund.

To initiate a return, customers should email or call Momcozy’s customer service. Once the brand approves the return, it ships the product back, and the refund process begins after the reception and inspection of the returned goods.

Contact Momcozy

Momcozy values its customers and looks forward to assisting with any queries or feedback. Here are the ways you can reach out:

Mailing address

ROOT Technology Ltd. 1624 Market St, Ste 226, #30327, Denver, CO 80202, United States of America

Phone number



For general inquiries and support, For marketing cooperation:

Contact form 

Customers can also utilize the contact form on the Momcozy website for direct communication. Momcozy assures a response typically within 48 hours.

Social media





Common questions about Momcozy

Q: Are all Momcozy’s bottle warmers durable and easy to use?

A: Momcozy’s bottle warmers are typically designed with user convenience in mind. These warmers often incorporate materials that ensure durability and longevity. Additionally, Momcozy prioritizes intuitive design, meaning its products are generally easy to use. Yet, as with all products, individual experiences may vary.

Q: How should I care for my Momcozy’s kneading lactation massager?

A: To maintain the functionality and hygiene of your Momcozy kneading lactation massager, clean it regularly after each use with a gentle cleanser and warm water. Ensure you avoid immersing the massager entirely in water, which might damage its electronic components. Dry it with a soft cloth and store it in a cool, dry place. Periodically check for any signs of wear or damage, and avoid using it if any defects are evident. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific care details.

Q: Can I use Momcozy’s breast pump daily?

A: Yes, Momcozy’s breast pumps are ideal for regular use. They accommodate the needs of breastfeeding mothers who require frequent pumping, whether for maintaining milk supply, relief from engorgement, or storage purposes. But, it’s essential to clean and sterilize the pump parts after each use to ensure hygiene and proper functioning. If you use the pump multiple times daily, consider having spare parts on hand to avoid wear and tear.

Q: Are Momcozy’s maternity high-waist underwear suitable for casual wear?

A: Yes, Momcozy’s maternity high-waist underwear is designed not only for comfort and support during pregnancy but is also versatile for casual use. The high waist design ensures a snug fit over the growing belly, offering gentle support. Made with soft, breathable materials, you can use them casually under everyday outfits. Their design emphasizes function and fashion, making them an excellent choice for expectant mothers.

Q: Can I use Momcozy’s pregnancy pillow after pregnancy?

A: Yes, you can. While Momcozy’s pregnancy pillows are primarily ideal for supporting the unique contours and needs of a pregnant body, they are versatile and can be used post-pregnancy for general comfort. Many women find them beneficial for nursing, as they can provide support while feeding the baby. Additionally, you can use the pillow for regular relaxation, reading, or watching TV. Its ergonomic design ensures it remains a comforting presence even after the baby arrives.

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