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The best beard beads for stylish beards

Growing a long beard is a feat, and when it happens, you may want to decorate it. Even if you can’t grow a beard, beard beads are suitable for hairstyles or art projects, using durable materials that can stand up to the elements without leaving marks. Our top choices for best beard beads give you a high-quality bead to accomplish your hair or beard goals.

The Vikings are best known as beard decorators, but these beads do fit many modern braided or twisted hairstyles. Our list options are durable and long-lasting, using materials that won’t leave marks in hair or corrode. You’ll be able to use them to accent so many different beard, hair, and other projects. Let’s take a look.

Modpion Norse Rune Hair Beads (24-Piece)

Best Storage Pouch

This 24 piece bead set includes Viking rune designs on a silver alloy material. They're wide enough for a variety of hair projects with a hole size of 6mm. The beads themselves measure 15mm, and the carry bag is a convenient and attractive brown drawstring bag with the Viking rune symbols printed on the side.

MYAROMA FINDINGS Celtic Knot Beard & Hair Beads

Best Details

These five beads offer incredible details, using traditional Celtic designs like knots. They're zinc alloy and nickel plating, measuring large enough to work through your hair or to use on special craft projects. Each bead is the same design, but different sides offer different details, so you can show them off wherever you place them.

CooB Star Wars Hair & Paracord Beads

Best Fandom Beads

These Star Wars inspired beads are a highly detailed choice for your fandom art. They use a nickel-plated metal with hand casting for superb details. The hole is six-millimeters, and each bead is a cast version of a famous character. You get one bead per order, but they're a striking beard decoration with this level of detail.

Whether you’re looking for Viking beard beads, Celtic beard beads, or something else entirely, our list of options offers quality and beautiful design. Each option is striking, and you’ll have the raw tools to create beard and hairstyles as you please. Don’t settle for cheap plastic; these beads are the real thing.