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The best chalk markers for blackboards

Chalk markers are a new innovation that blends the benefits of chalk and markers all into one. The markers come on as a liquid and dry as if they were chalk, so they have the same texture without the flakiness or the dust. The way you clean it off is easier, too, depending on the kind of chalk marker you get. A wet-erase marker requires a rag or wipe, while a dry-erase marker just needs a towel of some sort to rub it off. They make it easier to write and draw on surfaces such as glass or a chalkboard.

Chalk markers are a great tool, but the market is saturated with plenty of options that don’t hold up to snuff. Finding the right chalk marker comes down to a few characteristics. First, find the right tip. The markers’ thicknesses vary from fine markers to thicker chisel tips that let you make bold letters. Then, find the colors that you want. They come in a variety of different color palettes like metallics or neon.

Most importantly, get chalk markers that will grip easily for whoever is using it. Younger children may benefit from a thicker barrel, while older children would like a finer barrel’s precision. All of these characteristics together will help you figure out which markers are right for you.

Chalky Crown Liquid Chalk Markers

Best Bright

The Chalky Crown Liquid Chalk Markers are a brightly pigmented set of non-toxic markers. The dustless formula is safe for use inside or outside the home. The markers are water-based and easy to wipe off from your chosen surface once you are done with it. Make sure to use these markers on a non-porous surface, and you will be ready to make the brightest and boldest marks you have ever seen.

Kassa Liquid Chalk Fine-Tip Markers

Best Fine-tip

For older kids, they may want to have more precision and control when they work with their own chalk markers. The Kassa Liquid Chalk Fine-Tip Markers are a set of markers that let your child draw with vibrant colors such as white, orange, and metallics such as gold or silver. There are also two extra tips included so that each fine point chalk marker can have a chisel or a bullet-point tip.

Chalktastic Professional Liquid Chalk Markers

Best Versatile

This non-toxic and odorless set of Chalktastic Professional Liquid Chalk Markers are sure to delight your child without having them turn their nose at the markers. The chalk markers can be used on multiple surfaces like menu boards, mirrors, windows, and plenty of other non-porous surfaces. The reversible tip is also easy for switching between thick and thin lines.

These chalk markers will step up your game when it comes to your blackboard. Find the right ones for your collection, and you will create great signs and drawings through these simple yet effective tools.