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The best dolls for 1-year-old girls

There are different styles and materials for your baby’s dolls to come in. You can get dolls that are akin to the classic look and feel of a baby doll: Plastic limbs, fabric body, and fun clothes that can be switched out. Though this is the traditional choice, you can also get something softer and friendlier for younger children. Fabric dolls are softer and easier to handle, so you can rest assured that all parts are safely interactable for your child.

The biggest factors that you should look at when it comes to dolls for 1-year-old girls is the simplicity and safety. Your child is still developing their cognitive and motor skills, so having too many small bits to fiddle with can be difficult and downright dangerous. It should have features that your child can interact with like moving limbs, but there should be few accessories, especially if they can’t be swallowed. This is where the safety issue comes in. When you look out for these features, you will find the best contenders to buy for your little one.

Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella Baby Doll

Best Soft

The Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella Baby Doll is a plush 12-inch baby doll that is made out of a cozy fleece that your child will love snuggling up with around the house. The doll comes with a soft tuft of hair, a pink hair ribbon, and a cute patterned dress that is easy to take off with a hook-and-loop closure. The pacifier is magnetic, so you can put it on and take it off easily to see the cute smile on the baby doll’s face.

Adora Sweet Baby Boy Peanut

Best Machine-washable

Any parent of a 1-year-old knows how much of a mess these little kids can get into. When that mess gets on their toys, you will want to make sure that it is easy to clean up, so it doesn’t become a problem down the line. The Adora Sweet Baby Boy doll is a machine-washable toy that you can throw in whenever it gets too dirty. This is a durable doll with baby powder-scented vinyl that is sure to last plenty of playtimes. It also comes with a box that looks like a crib.

Gloveleya First Baby Doll Set

Best Set

Sometimes, a doll comes in, and your child’s sibling will be sad that they don’t have one of their own. That is why the Gloveleya First Baby Doll Set is perfect for sisters who want to have their own dolls. This set comes with two dolls: One is 17 inches tall, while the other one is a smaller doll with a clip to hang on a bag if you don’t have sisters. The soft plush fabric is filled with cotton filler that is machine washable.

The benefits for little kids playing with dolls are plenty, so why not start developing those skills early on? Get your 1-year-old little girl a baby doll of their own and see their cognitive, social, and empathetic skills bloom as they interact with their own toys.