The best floor cord cover to avoid unnecessary accidents

Floor cord covers not only keep your baby safe, but they also give any room a neat appearance. You don’t have to sacrifice style and design when babyproofing your home. A floor cord cover in your living room or office will tuck away wires safely without altering your home’s aesthetic. Just a small strip of cord cover can do wonders to a room.

As babies crawl around on the floor, they can encounter many unsuspecting hazards in your home. Thick cords on the floor can even cause tripping and stumbling for adults. And you certainly don’t want your baby to find out where those wires lead. Extension cord covers for the floor can keep everyone in your house safe.

Wiremold Floor Cord Management Kit

Best Overall

If you want a floor cord cover that “disappears” into your wooden floor, the Wiremold Floor Cord Management Kit is a good choice. It blends into your beige panels or wood floors and cables stay out of sight and out of mind. The floor cord cover is made of rubber and will stay flat enough that it creates a smooth, non-tripping surface. You can easily customize it to the right length with a quick cut and adhere with its pressure-sensitive adhesive on the back. Your baby will hardly know floor cords are there!

D-Line Floor Cord Cover

Best Quality

The D-Line Floor Cord Cover brings the extension cord cover to a whole new level. No more worrying about tripping hazards or difficult installations that require multiple steps! The flexible PVC ensures that you can roll it out without the aid of hot water to straighten it out from its packaging. The D-Line bottom has a ribbed, non-slip base and includes a pre-split rear for easy use.

Electriduct D-2 Low-Profile Cord Cover

Slimmest Profile

If you’re looking for the ultimate floor cord cover with a slim design, the Electriduct D-2 Low-Profile Cord Cover is right for you. The cord cover will not only protect your cables but anyone else who may come across your cumbersome cords. The slim profile makes it a less imposing addition to your room and prevents it from being a tripping hazard.

Your babies will not even notice those big cords when you have one of these floor cord covers around. They are a great addition to your home for both your baby’s safety and a room’s visual appeal. Babies will be able to explore your house with reckless abandon, and you can smile right along with them as they develop those tender muscles and spatial skills. They will crawl right over the nearly invisible cords and you can release a big sigh of relief. Nothing to get tangled up about here!