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The best graphics drawing tablet for young minds

Digital graphics are the wave of the future. Giving your child an expensive tablet right off the bat may not be in the cards, but you can still open up a world of digital drawing. Help your child learn drawing on a graphic tablet with one of our top choices for child-friendly graphics tablets.

High-end tablets offer so much art capability, but when your child is first exploring, you want something more kid-friendly. These favorites allow your child to learn drawing with a graphics tablet and give you some peace of mind for handing it over. Let’s find the right tablet for your needs.

Simbans PicassoTab Drawing Tablet and Stylus Pen

Best for Beginners

This entry-level tablet doesn't perform like an entry-level tablet. It features a ten-inch screen and 32GB of storage for downloading apps and providing storage. It comes with the drawing stylus and comes preinstalled with Autodesk Sketchbook and an HD screen. Plus, you also receive the case and screen protector (also preinstalled) in the package. Plus, you can connect it to other devices through the micro-HDMI port.

FLUESTON LCD Drawing Tablet for Kids

Best for Kids Ages 2+

For your child's first-ever drawing tablet, this affordable and fun option features a classic black sketch screen with rainbow underlay. Your child can draw and erase again and again. It uses an LCD pressure technology to feel like a real tablet and helps children get used to the feeling of a tablet and stylus. The light uses a long-lasting battery, and it comes with a lanyard for easy carrying.

Sunany LCD Writing Table

Best Lcd

This option is another blue-light free choice for children learning to manipulate a tablet and stylus. It features a wide LCD screen sensitive to pressure. As your child draws, rainbow pictures appear from the black screen surface. Your child can erase, again and again, making it perfect for travel, school activities, or just for fun. Plus, it has a one-click locking screen on the back to prevent accidental deletion.

These graphics tablets offer so much functionality that you may forget they’re also child friendly. You and your child can explore the world of digital art through the many features these tablets offer and inspire a lifetime of art appreciation and creativity.