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The best nail polishes for kids

Non-toxic nail polish is high on the list of fun things for your child, but you don’t have to settle for any old set. Our top choices for best nail polish sets for kids will give you fun colors, easy to remove consistency and an overall better choice for your kid than adult nail polishes. You’ll feel so much better using these choices.

You don’t want to risk staining your clothing or furniture, and you want a non-toxic nail polish choice for kids. They’re easier to remove, don’t have such strong smells, and come in kid-friendly colors, including sparkle! Let’s find the perfect nail polish for your Saturday afternoon spa day together.

Townley Girl Disney Princess Peel-Off Nail Polish Set

Best Kids Nail Polish

This Disney-themed 15-pack of non-toxic nail polish uses a water-based formula and comes in a variety of fun colors. It's bubblegum scented and dries super fast to prevent smearing. When your child is ready for a change, just peel it off to start fresh. It comes with toe separators and a nail file, and you can mix the colors for fun, new choices.

Townley Girl My Little Pony Peel-Off Nail Polish Set

Best Super Sparkly

The My Little Pony set includes 18 different super sparkly colors and is a non-toxic nail polish choice. It's water-based, nonstaining, and dries quickly. Peel it off to start over without bringing out the nail polish remover. The colors are also mixable, and your child can take advantage of many fun, bright options.

Airdom Kids Nail Polish Set

Best Water Based Choice

This odorless set features some fun colors with a non-toxic water-based formula. They're easy to remove — just peel off and start fresh with no remover required. The formula dries quickly and brushes on smoothly for a realistic look without toxic chemicals. There are eight trendy and traditional colors included in the pack, and the brush is easier for small fingers.

Fun? Check. Easy to remove? Check. No terrible smells? Check — these safer alternatives to traditional nail polish make it fun and worry-free to paint your child’s nails. Our sets will be exciting additions to your activities, and you’ll feel good knowing you’ve made a safer choice for your child.