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The best soft baby dolls for playtime and bedtime

Playing with baby dolls is a type of play that helps stimulate your child’s mental and emotional skills. A baby doll will let them mimic your actions of taking care of a baby, which teaches them about responsibility. It will also help them develop social skills as they talk to their doll through coos and conversations. The attachment they will feel will help them connect to the doll in a special way that gives them a step up from other children’s emotional developments.

There are a few features to keep in mind when trying to purchase a doll for your young one. Soft baby dolls for infants may have an all-fabric build that is more friendly for infants with sensitive skin. This also helps them carry the dolls around without weightier body parts. Soft baby dolls for toddlers start having features such as vinyl arms, legs, and heads that are easy to clean. They are also more realistic in the features so your child can feel like a true parent.

Melissa & Doug Baby Doll

Best High Quality

The Melissa & Doug Baby Doll is a 12-inch soft doll ideal for any toddler's playtime. The baby has fun interactive features like eyes that open and close, a mouth that can hold its thumb or pacifier, and a soft and cuddly body. The body is easy to wipe clean, and you can remove the smocked romper and cap when you need to spot clean the body.

The New York Doll Collection Soft Baby Doll

Best Basic

Going back to basics makes it easy for your child to enjoy a solid doll. The New York Doll Collection Soft Baby Doll is a classically designed baby doll that looks realistic for your child to attach to. The 11-inch body makes it easy for younger children to hold without it being too big. The lightweight body also helps your child play with it for longer without feeling fatigued.

The New York Doll Collection – African American Newborn Soft Baby Doll (11 Inch)

Best Variety

If you have a child that looks for a baby that looks like them, New York Doll Collection gives you a baby doll with three different skin tones to match your child. Each of the vinyl body parts is easy to clean with a few simple wipes. The doll's clothes are easy to put on and take off, and it is easy to wash by using the washing machine. The doll also comes with a pacifier that the baby can hold on to.

Baby dolls are one of the best toys you can give to your child. Their cognitive and emotional development will bloom when they play with their own baby. You will smile and feel comforted with your child’s growth when you see them playing with their very own baby doll.