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4 homework apps that are helpful for high schoolers

Struggling to get homework done can be a relationship-straining task that every kid faces at some point during their academic career. And especially going back to school this year, it may be harder for your teen to acclimate. Whether it be a tough lesson or a case of daydreaming during class, the fact remains that homework must be accomplished. All kids really need is a little boost of organizational skills or a few tools to complete the tasks. If your teen is having trouble getting homework done daily, now could be an excellent time to check out homework apps for teens that can assist them in staying on task while feeling more independent about their schoolwork and expectations.

Teen homework apps

Khan Academy 

From physics to calculus and biology to advanced English, Khan Academy has over 150,000 sources for kids of grades K-12 to explore and utilize in skill-building. This application can be used for students, parents, teachers, and administrators. Khan Academy can be organized and used among classrooms or on an individual basis. Each lesson is available for offline use when downloaded, so teens can get homework help no matter where they are or what situation could arise – especially in the technology day and age. Power outages, inclement weather, or long car trips no longer impede the learning process, helping parents and students alike sigh a breath of relief. What’s even better is this fantastic, inclusive, and versatile learning and homework helping app is 100% free.


This app – run entirely by artificial intelligence – helps kids not only learn in general but also learn where they are struggling and how to fix it. When teens utilize Socratic for math, social studies, the sciences, and literature, they are given the opportunity to quite literally, learn from their mistakes. The app analyzes their responses and tailors the outcome to helping your student solidly understand it more clearly. Socratic uses teacher input to build and maintain their platform, making it even easier for teens to get the kind of help they need to understand their class lessons. Additionally, the app is powered by one of the internet’s reigning titans, Google. “Using text and speech recognition, the app surfaces the most relevant learning resources for you.”

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For assistance in preparing for testing, high schoolers can utilize the Quizlet app to gain memorization of facts and information. This type of app helps teens to prepare for, and retain the necessary knowledge and information needed for test and quiz taking. The app is flashcard-based, making it great for facts and quick answers such as math times tables, foreign language practices, formulas, and historical dates. This app covers lessons on all subjects, including computer science, humanities, and physical education. Additionally, it can be put to the test by both students and teachers, making it a fantastic classroom tool teachers can keep in their arsenal for tougher lessons or more difficult teaching days. Because the application includes customizable cards, students and teachers can create specially curated, lesson-based cards if one should not exist on the platform.

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MyHomework Student Planner

If you’re looking for less of a helper and more of an organizer, then we have the perfect app for your teenager. The myHomework app is ideal for students looking to stay more organized throughout the school year. After downloading it onto any device with an application store on it, myHomework student planner assists teens to input their assignments, tests, quizzes, and any other date-based assignments to help them plan and prepare for them. By keeping track of homework, upcoming dates for tests, and receiving a personalized schedule for studying and preparing for those knowledge checks, students learn to be more self-sufficient in the classroom and at home.

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Whether your teen needs individual attention and assistance with homework assignments, feedback on missed questions or problems, needs to practice facts for a test, or simply requires more help in keeping all their assignments organized in one place, this list of homework mobile apps should get the ball rolling in the right direction. Parents should be encouraged to research these apps to decide just how each one could work in their own households, and which ones they felt would benefit their children the best. Keeping teachers in the loop also goes a long way to assist your kids also. By including them in your plans to tackle homework and studying more thoroughly at home, teachers can help drive – or in some cases enforce – the apps and their usage for a more successful school year.

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