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Good, better, best: Pregnancy pillows you can’t sleep without

Oh, the irony of pregnancy. During the first 12 or 13 weeks, you are hit with extreme exhaustion and could fall asleep on the floor, sitting on a stool, or standing on the subway. No surface is too hard, no setting is too loud, no position is off-limits.

Then, in the second trimester, those growing pains kick in — and finding a comfortable way to snooze becomes a whole other complicated issue. Finally, during the home stretch, your bump gets so big and awkward. You can barely breathe and desperately want to catch some quality ZZZ’s before Baby comes. Alas, sleep evades you with a vengeance. (And when you finally do nod off, cue your overactive bladder. But that’s another story for another day.)

Suffice to say, sleep should be a priority during pregnancy, but it’s often hard to get the rest you so desperately desire — for all sorts of reasons. One must-have that can help you feel more comfortably positioned is a pregnancy pillow. They come in different shapes to prop you up, give you support, and help you drift off to Dreamsville.

Ready to start browsing the plush options? Here are our picks for the best pillows for pregnancy. 

Good: Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow in Grey Leaves

There are a few different starter shapes from this Boppy pillow you can try that might do the trick; a wedge option helps to support your bump. Likewise, this side-sleeper pillow offers a stretchy middle and cushiony sides to hug you with support throughout the night. You can also use it to prop yourself up on the couch.

Who it’s good for: Side sleepers

Better: PharMeDoc U-Shaped Full-Body Pregnancy Pillow With Detachable Extension

Large and in charge, this U-shaped full-body pregnancy pillow, made of 100% jersey cotton, helps to support achy necks, backs, and hips. What’s super cool about this option is that it features a detachable extension that can lengthen the body pillow or be used by itself as a traditional head pillow. It’s 53 inches long, so you can wrap it, tuck it, throw a leg over it, and find the position that suits your changing body.

Who it’s good for: Anyone who needs a versatile option

Best: Leachco Grow To Sleep Self-Adjusting Body Pillow

Want to try the ultimate pregnancy pillow that will dominate the bed? Move over, Baby Daddy; Mama’s got a new cuddle friend. This full-body pillow is basically a combination of the first two options. It features an elastic accordion center for comfortable side sleeping and ideal back support. The contoured sides can be maneuvered and tucked any way you like — or you can remove them and use them separately. You can also adjust it to make this a great pillow for supportive sitting.

Who it’s good for: Anyone who needs a versatile option for sleeping and sitting

A pregnancy pillow will help you get more sleep and better sleep through those long nine months of pregnancy. They’ll help you find a comfortable position (a seemingly impossible task!) and alleviate some of the discomfort you may be feeling. Moreover, they’ll cradle your burgeoning bump and give your whole body a hug. BTW, don’t be surprised if you continue to use these long after Baby’s big debut; a full-body pillow is a cozy addition to your bed whether you’re pregnant or not.




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