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8 podcasts parents of teens need to listen to right now

Have you heard that saying, “having a teen is like having a cat that only comes out to ask for food and then hisses at you when you try to do anything nice for it?” Accurate, right? Teens in the house make you wish you were dealing with the Terrible Twos again. At least back then, most things could be solved with a pack of fruit snacks.

Raising teens is constant hard work. Still trying to protect your “baby” while also trying to figure out how much freedom to give them gives you about 15 new gray hairs a day. You can have the most well-behaved kid and still need to listen to these teen parenting podcasts to help you figure certain things out.

A dad and daughter hanging out on the couch looking at a laptop screen.
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Their Own Devices

For technologically challenged parents

Let’s face it: parents are not the best at technology. We try and we fail. Most parents of teens grew up in a time when it wasn’t possible to be on the phone and the internet at the same time, and we sure didn’t know what a cell phone was.

Let former President Obama’s Chief Privacy Officer and the podcast Their Own Devices help you learn all of the ways to deal with topics like social media, staying safe online, and sexting. It might be uncomfortable at times, but you need to be prepared to deal with technology in any shape it enters your teen’s life.

Mighty Parenting

For stressed-out parents

If you find that raising a teen has your anxiety at an all-time high, then let Mighty Parenting calm you down. Host Sandy Fowler uses her background in stress relief to guide parents through the battles of raising teens. We especially like that if you have a question, you can write in or email and get your topic covered. If you and your teen need a little anxiety control, this podcast is there to help.

Talking to Teens

For the tougher stuff

Parents always say they remember what it was like at that age. But do we? Memories get hazy and we always think we were better than we actually were. For the pills that are a little harder to swallow like bullying, that bad influence friend, and drugs, Talking to Teens covers it all. Host Andy Earls makes sure that parents are equipped with the basics on how to cover these more sensitive topics with even the trickiest teen.

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Joyful Courage

For stronger parental support

From tattoos to smoking weed to hormones, parents will get emotional and positive support listening along with Joyful Courage. It can be easy to become angry or only see the negative in a teen’s troubles. But if you want to see every challenge as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your teen, this teen parenting podcast will set you up right. Find your tribe listening to how absolutely terrifying parenting a teen can be while being able to do it with grace and a sense of hope.

Healthy Family Connections

For real-life situations

If you like to relate to another family in your situation, then Healthy Family Connections will be more your style. Families can ask host and psychotherapist Neil D. Brown to address whatever issue is going on in their home.

Dealing with a teen who won’t stop playing video games, what to do if you think your teen needs therapy, how to handle a child with an eating disorder… it’s all on the table. Knowing you are connecting with another going through the same thing will help you feel less alone.

Parenting Impossible: The Special Needs Survival Podcast

For parents of teens with special needs

If you are a parent of a child with special needs, it can seem extra hard. With regular teen issues on top of any additional support your child needs, you could feel overwhelmed every second of every day. Annette Hines knows what you are going through herself as a mother of a special needs child.

In Parenting Impossible: The Special Needs Survival Podcast she helps you through topics ranging from how to get financial support to how to talk with parents of teens who don’t have special needs to better understand your situation.


For parents of kids who are just different

Maybe your child doesn’t have extensive special needs but is still not like other teens. Where do you go for help? Host Debbie Reber invites you to check out her podcast TiLT for teens who are a bit outside the box. Whether your child has anxiety or is extremely gifted, this podcast is there to support parents who don’t feel like their kids fit in with the other groups at school and socially.

Parents talking to their teenage child.
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Youth Culture Matters

For parents that don’t get it, but want to

Do you feel attacked when you see the meme of Steve Buscemi in 30 Rock when he asks the youths “how do you do, fellow kids?” Then maybe you need to listen to the Youth Culture Matters podcast.

Whether we want to admit it or not, parents have a hard time really connecting to a teen’s current culture. Things change so quickly and getting on your teen’s level can be hard, yet it’s important if you want to bond and build a close relationship. Stay up to date on being a teen in today’s world by listening to this podcast.

There’s a teen parenting podcast for everyone

These are by no means the only teen parenting podcasts you should listen to if you have teenagers in your home, but they are a great start. Listen to a few of each one to find the one that speaks to your family. If you have more than one teen in the house you might need to subscribe to a few.

Before you scream into a pillow (or maybe after), before you start that argument, and before you tell your kid they’re grounded for life, listen to these parenting teens podcasts and find a different approach to get you and your teen on the same page.

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