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7 teething toys that will ease baby’s pain and save your sanity

One day, your little gummy guy or girl is happily showing off that toothless grin. The next, they’re angrily mouthing anything and everything in sight. Ah, teething — it can be tough on a teeny tyke (and you). They may be cranky, drooly, stuffy, or even feverish when they’re cutting a tooth. And just as one little chomper pops up, another one will start nagging their gums. In other words, teething lasts quite awhile, so you’ll want to be prepared for the long haul.

You may not be able to take away all the discomfort, but there a few ways you can help blunt the ache. There’s one thing you’ll definitely want in your teething arsenal: Some chew toys (but, you know, for humans, of course). Whether you want one that massages the gums, can be refrigerated or frozen, is easy to grasp, or looks super cute in that itty-bitty baby mouth, we’ve got you covered. We’re sharing the best teething toys for your munching mini. Relief is on the way!

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Best functionality: HE OR SHE Never-Drop Teething Toy

The problem with lots of adorable teethers? They focus on aesthetics rather than functionality. But what’s the point of a super-cute taco-shaped teething toy Baby can gnaw on if they keep dropping or losing it? This graspable option, on the other hand, stays fixed on your baby’s tiny hand like a wristband — so they can happily chew without disruption, and you can feel confident you won’t be playing an all-day game of “mommy fetch.”

It’s also worth noting that the size can be adjusted so it grows with your peanut’s paw. Made with an eco-friendly silicone, it helps massage the gums and protect the oral cavity.

Best frozen option: FridaBaby Not-Too-Cold-to-Hold Teether

A frozen teether can help “chill out” Baby’s irritated gums, but holding a super-cold ring or stick can quickly hurt your little one’s sensitive hands. The simplest solution? A teething toy that snugly fits into a room-temperature holder with easy-to-grasp handles. The freezable insert features multiple ridges, bumps, and textures to massage the mouth and cool the gums. And, FYI, the silicone, BPA-free pocket is also safe for gumming — so no worries if Baby doesn’t discriminate.

You can order this option via Amazon for two-day Prime shipping — if you can hold out that long. Can’t wait? you should be able to find this item at some big-box retailers.

Best multipurpose option: Baby Einstein Stack & Teethe

This stackable game exercises Baby’s motor skills and stimulates those sore gums. Each ring features a different texture for your little one to gum on and enjoy. It’s a toy and a teether, and it will be a colorful addition to your nursery. Word to the wise: Baby will put everything in their mouth — so you might as well stock your play space with safe items they can slobber all over.

Cutest teething toy: Fisher-Price Pretzel Teether

Okay, we admit it: We are total suckers for cute food-inspired teething toys — even if they are not the most intuitive or practical options available. This pretend soft-pretzel teething toy features fake salt that is textured to massage the gums. And we’ll say what you’re thinking: It’s just too darn cute to see a 3-month-old sucking on a savory snack. (It even comes with a “crinkle” noise-making napkin for extra playtime fun.)

Best flavored option: NatureBond Fruit Feeder Pacifier and Teether

If your baby does not take interest in a traditional teething toy, you can turn to this suckable option. You can stuff the silicone insert with fruits, veggies, or purees so that they get the benefits of nutrients and satisfy their aching little gums at the same time. What’s more, many babies lose their appetite because of teething-related discomfort or crankiness, so a hint of sweetness can entice them to have more.

 Best training-toothbrush teether: Cactus Baby Teething Toy

Don’t worry, this cactus won’t poke or hurt — it actually protects and soothes. With various stimulating textures, the food-grade safe silicone teether tickles and tames pain. What’s more, it promotes a healthy and happy smile through proper oral hygiene. It’s a simple and smart way to get Baby used to the idea of brushing their teeth — before they even have any to clean!

Best option for gifting: Vulli Sophie The Giraffe 

If you’re looking for a giftable option, meet Sophie. The iconic French giraffe has become a classic — if not iconic — shower and new-parenting gift. Is she worth the hype? Objectively — probably not. But some babies do absolutely adore this super-cute, squeakable bestie — and it comes beautifully packaged, so that helps to sell it. What’s more, Sophie’s soft and chewy legs, horns, and ears are great for sucking.

Best clip-on option: Teether Egg Raccoon Chew Beaded Pendant

Out and about? Make sure your little one has a teething toy on the go. This silicone, BPA-free raccoon cutie features a pacifying chain with a clip — so it stays in place and won’t get lost or dirtied (it can’t be dropped). Do be sure to check the integrity of the clip before each use; if it seems loose or unhinged, discontinue use.

Teethers for babies are essential. They will not only soothe your sweetheart, they can also help to save your sanity. To that end, you will want to have more than one option on hand to change things up for your cranky cutie and keep them happily engaged, entertained, and occupied with chewing, gumming, sucking, gnawing, and drooling. Their gums may hurt, and their tempers will flare up (be warned!), but you can be prepared. Bring it on.

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