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TikTok kid runs away because dad ‘doesn’t love him’ — but there’s a twist

Who doesn’t have a memory of determinedly running away from home as a kid? Most of us got no farther than the end of the driveway, and this kid on TikTok is no exception. When MusicEmpire17 started filming this charming exchange between father and son on camera, there was no way of knowing how hilarious their conversation would turn out.


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The video starts with son Dalton announcing, “Dad, I’m running away!” as the camera captures a little boy exiting the house determinedly, sporting a Spiderman backpack. His reason for his dramatic departure?

“You said you don’t love me. I’m leaving!”

Just as our jaws drop at this very valid reason for a tearful departure, another twist is on the way. The camera pans to Dalton’s dad, who is chasing him out the door. “Dalton, I never said I don’t love you!” he protests. “I said turn off your PlayStation, it’s time for bed!”

Dalton’s succinct reply? “SAME THING!”

The video ends with viewers watching Dalton’s long-suffering dad continue to go after him, protesting that it’s very much not the same thing, while pointing out that Dalton may not get very far with only ‘a Minecraft sword and a skateboard’.

We wonder how long it took Dalton’s dad to convince his son that a reasonable limit on video game time does not in fact equal a withholding of love. If our own little video game fiends are any indication, we imagine it may have taken a while!

The comments on this hilarious TikTok video are well worth a read, ranging from ‘Respect!’ directed toward Dalton to laughter and tears emojis at his dramatic declaration. What gets to us most? The small details, like the Minecraft sword and the dad’s exasperated voice. We can all relate!

How to enforce bedtimes without drama

If you’d rather not have your family featured in a viral video, experts do have tips on setting reasonable bedtimes and how to enforce them. WebMD points out that consistency is key, meaning that parents stick to the same bedtime for their kids each night, regardless of whether it’s a weekend (or whether your kiddo just got a new video game).

Always offer your child the comfort of a security item if one is desired (perhaps a Minecraft sword?) and model good bedtime behavior by shifting gears yourself in the evenings, limiting screentime, and even trying family meditation or yoga.

James Lehman, the founder of Empowering Parents, suggests focusing on teaching your children to manage their own responsibilities, which prevents bedtime battles from becoming power plays. He explains that the problem-solving skills of younger kids are less evolved; they often have problems with impulsivity and frustration control. Certainly, Dalton provides us with the perfect example to illustrate this point!

We’ve all been there, trying, like Dalton’s dad, to rationalize with a decidedly irrational little being. However you decide to handle your own family’s bedtime woes and screen time battles, we hope you don’t have to chase your kid down the driveway in your shorts!

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