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10 beautiful unisex baby names and their meanings

Congratulations! At last, you’ve found out that you’re expecting, and you look forward to the months ahead of anticipating and preparing for the new addition to your family. Already, you have several things to do before your baby arrives, and one of the most important tasks includes choosing the perfect name.

As new parents, you’ve already come to realize that choosing a name for your baby creates an aura of excitement for their debut. Nonetheless, picking out your baby’s name may seem like a difficult decision to make, especially with the endless options available. However, if you’re uncertain, you can choose from this list of unisex baby names.

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Why choose from baby names that are unisex?

If you and your partner want to wait to find out the sex of the baby at birth, then choosing baby names that are unisex is the route to take. Instead of stressing over picking two names, you’ll only have to choose one. Therefore, we bring you these selections to give you a bit of inspiration.

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Unisex baby names and their meanings

The following names that apply to either gender have already risen in popularity while others are not so well known. Additionally, you’ll find their origins and/or meanings.


“Avery,” which originates from the Anglo Saxon name “Alfred” and the Germanic moniker “Alberich,” means “elf king.” For centuries, this name was mostly given to boys. In the early 2000s, it started appearing on lists of popular names for girls.


“Dakota” founds its origins in a Native American community in the northern U.S, specifically the Sioux people who were known for their physical and mental strength and their courage. The name means “friendly one.”


If you’re looking for a name with deep roots in the Judeo-Christian tradition, “Jordan” comes out as one of the most popular. In Hebrew, the name means “to descend” or “to flow downward.” Also, it’s associated with the New Testament as the river where Jesus was baptized. In fact, during the early 2000s, the name gained more popularity among parents of baby girls. Once the trend took off, you then saw varied spellings like “Jordyn.”


A very popular British name for boys, “Jasper” is now gaining popularity among baby names that are unisex especially with nicknames like “Jazz” or “Jas.” It also originates from the semi-precious stone of the same name.


“Riley,” which means “brave,” has its origins in the Irish culture. While the spelling mentioned here is commonly used for both boys and girls, other variations include “Ryleigh” and “Ryley.”


“Finley” is another name that’s quickly becoming popular among the various unisex baby names. It originates from the Gaelic “Fionnlagh” and means “fair hero.” It’s also common to find this name, though as a last name, in Scotland.


Another name that started as a Scottish surname, “Mackenzie,” has become a popular girl’s name, but previously was used more for boys “across the pond” in the U.K. Nonetheless, this name is still considered as gender-neutral, with “Mack” being the most common shortened version for boys, and “Kenzie” being the nickname for girls. Regardless of gender, the meaning sounds quite unique—”born of fire.”


And how about a name with multiple origins? “Quinn” can mean “pretty” or “wise,” and you’ll find its roots in Greek, Gaelic, and Latin. It’s also an English variation of “O’ Cuinn,” a common Irish surname that means “chief.”


This name previously served more as a shortened nickname for either “Gabriel” or “Gabriela.” In Hebrew, this name means “God is my strength” and is gaining popularity as a name of its own.


Originally, used more as a nickname, “Nico” comes from Greek and Italian. In Greek, the name means “victory of the people;” whereas, in Italian, it’s short for Domenico or Nicola. In both languages, it’s also a shortened version of “Nicolas.”

There you have it—some of the best baby names that are unisex and possess interesting meanings. Furthermore, these names come from a variety of cultural and linguistic roots, so you can pick one that actually matches closely with your family history. One final, fun suggestion is to pick out both a first name and a middle name from this list, which ensures a name that will be perfect either a boy or a girl.

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