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Father holding baby in nursery.

Some babies want to be held while sleeping: Here’s why

If your newborn wants to be held all night, it can be trying. Here's why babies want to be cuddled all night and what you can do to help them sleep.
Smiling baby on colorful play mat

Baby play mat ins and outs: What age you should get one and the benefits for baby’s development

A baby play mat promotes your child's motor skills and muscle development. We discuss the best age to get one and any additional benefits for your baby.
Mother measuring daughter's height against a wall.

The ultimate guide to toddler growth spurts so you can track your kid’s progress

The next developmental stage for your little one is here. We have what you need to know about toddler growth spurts for you and your tot to get through them.
Mother feeding her baby a bottle.

Top overfeeding signs and how to avoid overfeeding baby

Can you overfeed a baby? It’s a question that a lot of new parents ask themselves, and we provide signs on what to look for and what to do
Girl toddler with pacifier napping in crib.

How to get your toddler to take longer naps

Naptime s an essential part of your toddler's development. We discuss why longer naps are so good for them ... and you
Woman working at day care with children

The 5 questions parents should ask day care facilities

It’s normal to have some concerns when picking a day care facility. Here are five questions you should ask to ensure your child gets great care
Two toddlers playing outside

How to schedule a playdate for your toddler

Scheduling a playdate for your toddler can be the first step to helping them develop social skills and self-confidence. Here's how to do it