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The best gifts for 7-year-olds in 2024

best gifts for 7 years old
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Shopping for 7-year-olds can be tricky. What do they want? What will they like? For kids around this age, toys that enhance their creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills are excellent options. To make your shopping easier, we’ve reviewed and put together a list of the best gifts for 7-year-olds available in 2024, with these foam ball toy guns at the top of our list. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday present or simply looking for a special treat, our list has something for every kids of any interest.

The best gifts for 7-year-olds

fstop labs gifts for 7 year old

Fstop Labs power popper gun – Best overall

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The Fstop Labs pop gun is a great toy that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. Featuring a strong solid spring structure for rapid-fire shooting, these guns can shoot from 360 degrees and have a shooting range up to 8 meters, much to the delight of kids and adults alike. Made with advanced, safe ABS plastic and EVA foam, this toy gun is strong and durable without being overly heavy or difficult to carry.  It’s also suitable for children aged 6 and up, though younger children should be supervised to ensure they don’t put the small foam balls into their mouths.

The set includes two popper guns and 40 random colored foam balls, giving children plenty of ammo to make the most of their role-play adventures. This dual battle pack is great for large outdoor gatherings or just family games at home. This best overall gift for 7 year olds has a lightweight design that makes it easy to transport and set up, while the powerful blaster popper guns give children the thrill of being a part of an action-packed game.


  • Great for outdoor fun
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to use
  • Great birthday gift


  • Not ideal for young children
stairslide gifts for 7 year old

Stairslide original non-slip foam slide – Easy to set up

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Looking for the perfect gift for your adventurous kid? Look no further than this Stairslide. This set includes a soft and durable landing pad that completes the Stairslide experience, ensuring a safe and cushioned landing at the end of each ride. Safety is a top priority, and the landing pad provides a comfortable stop for your kids. Simply place it at the bottom of the slide, and it creates a secure and cozy landing spot. With dimensions of 44 x 20 x 10 inches, the landing pad offers ample space for a smooth landing.

To ensure stability and prevent any accidents, the landing pad features non-slip grips that anchor it to the floor. This innovative design ensures that the cushion stays in place and doesn’t slide away upon impact, providing a secure and reliable landing experience for your little ones. The landing pad is constructed from EPE foam with a durable polyurethane coat. This combination of materials not only makes the pad soft and comfortable but also resistant to impact.


  • Soft and durable landing pad for safe landing
  • Non-slip grips anchor pad to floor
  • Constructed from impact-resistant EPE foam


  • Little pricey for the size
exploding kittens gifts for 7 year old

Throw Throw Burrito card game – Most engaging

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If your child loves Exploading Kittens games, try out one of their newer games: Throw Throw Burrito. It’s a wild, dodgeball-inspired card game that’s perfect for family gatherings. With easy-to-follow instructions, this is a fun game night activity that adults, teens, and kids can all enjoy. Suitable for 2-6 players, get ready for an entertaining evening of laughter and good times.


  • Engaging for both adults and kids
  • Fosters strong social bonds
  • Encourages physical activity and exercise
  • Easy to learn and set up


  • May require quite a bit of space
original stationary gifts for 7 year old

Ice cream slime kit – Most creative

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The Original Stationery ice cream slime kit can make fantastic butter, cloud, and foam slimes that look like real ice cream. This toy will keep them entertained and engaged as they explore and create their very own unique slimes. With all of the different colors and textures, your kid is sure to love this gift. The 25-piece set includes everything needed to make tons of fun slimes in their favorite ice cream colors and scents.

It also comes with decorative charms, so your child can squish their slime into cute ice cream cones and even add a cherry on top! The easy-to-follow step-by-step recipes and creative opportunities make this slime DIY kit the ideal birthday gift for 7-year-olds.


  • Encourages creative thinking
  • Helps develop STEM skills
  • Includes a variety of mix-in options
  • Hinge-lidded box makes storage easy


  • Mixing may require adult assistance
dan&;darci- gifts for 7 year old

Paint & Plant flower craft kit – Great for young artists

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The Paint & Plant flower craft kit is an exciting and educational activity that will keep your children engaged. With this creative kit, they can have fun while painting and planting their own flowers! Not only will your kids love the creative outlet, but they will also learn important gardening and art skills. Perfect for holidays, birthdays, or just to show your 7-year-old how much you care, this art set is sure to be a hit.

The kit comes with everything you need to get started, including a tin planter, paints, flower seeds, soil, and more. The sky’s the limit when it comes to design, so your child can express their creativity by decorating the planter and growing Marigold, Cosmos, and Zinnia flowers to create a colorful and fragrant garden. The beautiful instruction booklet also teaches about botany and the lifecycle of plants, making this a fun and educational gift for all ages.


  • Teaches gardening and art skills
  • Provides an opportunity for creative expression
  • Encourages an interest in science
  • Great bonding activity for parents and kids


  • Planter may be smaller than expected
refasy gifts for 7 year old

Refasy electronic piggy bank – Teaches responsibility

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Introducing the ultimate solution to teach kids the importance of saving money – the Refasy electronic piggy bank. Made from high-quality ABS plastic, this piggy bank is sturdy, durable, and odor-free. It features a four-digit electronic password protection system that ensures the safety of your child’s savings. Perfect for birthdays and holidays, this electronic piggy bank can help teach kids the value of money.

With a capacity to store up to 600 coins or 100 paper bills, this piggy bank will encourage your child to plan their savings and develop good financial habits. The green light turns on when the correct password is entered, and the door can be easily opened by turning the knob clockwise. The automatic paper money scroll also makes it easy for kids to insert and roll their cash into the bank.


  • Teaches money management
  • Creative and engaging design
  • Great for boys and girls
  • Helps develop responsibility and independence


  • The sound effects cannot be turned off
lego gifts for 7 year old

LEGO Creator mighty dinosaur toy – Best for tactile learners

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With this awesome LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaur Toy, your child can build and rebuild a T. Rex, Triceratops, and Pterodactyl – each with a unique look. Perfect for imaginative play and developing fine motor skills, this set is sure to spark joy for years to come! A great gift for 7-year-old boys and girls, this is the perfect addition to any dinosaur-loving kid’s collection. The legos can be used to build a posable T. Rex with bright orange eyes, large claws, and a mouth full of pointed teeth.

Kids can immerse themselves in the exciting world of dinosaurs as they pose the model’s arms, legs, tail, and head. The buildable rib cage adds a realistic touch to this already incredible toy. But the fun doesn’t stop there! This 3-in-1 model can also be rebuilt into a Triceratops and Pterodactyl for even more exciting playtime possibilities.


  • Compatible with all LEGO construction sets
  • Teaches engineering skills
  • Encourages problem-solving and creative thinking
  • Helps develop fine motor skills


  • Smaller LEGO pieces are easy to lose
national geographic gifts for 7 year old

National Geographic glow human model – Best STEM kit

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The National Geographic human body model is a 32-piece interactive anatomy model that transforms anatomy and physiology study into a game, sparking interest and engaging young learners effectively. It goes beyond merely teaching about bones, organs, and muscles. With its glow-in-the-dark feature, it lights up the human anatomy, capturing the child’s imagination and igniting curiosity.

What sets this anatomy model apart from others is its interactive design. Instead of passively observing, children actively assemble and explore the human body using the provided forceps and ID chart. This interaction reinforces learning and enables a deeper understanding of human physiology. This tool does not limit its utility to children alone. Adults seeking a hands-on learning tool for anatomy would find it equally beneficial. In essence, this kit surpasses the conventional educational toy, offering a unique, engaging, and effective learning experience.


  • Enhances knowledge of human anatomy
  • Encourages interest in scientific topics
  • Serves as an enjoyable educational toy


  • Small, hard to assemble pieces

best gifts for 7 years-old

Buyer’s Guide: Gifts for 7-Year-Olds

Age appropriateness

When selecting a gift, it is important to consider their developmental stage and interests. Age-appropriateness can be determined based on factors such as complexity and content type. Choose gifts that are not too advanced but also not too simplistic. Look for toys that challenge them and encourage growth. A good example would be books with large print, shorter sentences, and illustrations.


Safety should always be a top priority when selecting gifts for children. Make sure that the toy or game meets safety standards and has been tested for hazardous materials. Look for toys made from non-toxic materials and those that have been tested for safety by relevant authorities such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).


Children tend to be rough on their toys, so it’s essential to choose items that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. When looking for gifts for 7-year-olds, make sure that each product is made from sturdy materials and built to last.

Educational value

Toys with educational value such as puzzles, board games, or science kits are ideal gifts for 7-year-olds since they complement what they learn in school while still being fun. However, it is crucial to strike a balance between educational and entertaining toys to ensure that they remain engaged and motivated. Look for toys that promote critical thinking, problem-solving skills, creativity, and social skills. Educational value can come in many forms, including STEM toys, storybooks, and art sets.

Gender neutrality

Select toys that can be enjoyed by both boys and girls. This encourages inclusivity and diversity. Always take into account your child’s preferences, regardless of whether or not they align with gendered marketing. Doing this will teach them that it’s okay to explore their interests and help boost their confidence.

Development and skill-building

Selecting gifts for 7-year-old children that help develop cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills is vital at this age. Look for toys that focus on critical thinking, problem-solving, and motor skills. STEM toys, board games, and sports equipment are just a few examples of gifts that can aid with development and skill-building.


Toys that offer hands-on and interactive playtime are ideal for 7-year-olds since they help teach social and communication skills. Interactive games and toys will encourage kids to play with their friends or siblings. In particular, games that require teamwork or competition are great for promoting positive social interactions.


At this age, children are starting to hone their creative skills and have vivid imaginations. Gifts for children that encourage creativity, such as craft sets or building toys, can be a great way to foster and enhance these skills. These types of toys can also help kids develop their self-expression abilities and gain confidence.

Visual stimulation

Choose toys that have an appealing aesthetic and are visually stimulating. Bright colors or interesting designs can catch a child’s attention and make the toy more engaging.

Cultural diversity

It’s important to gift kids with toys that respect and showcase cultural diversity. Toys that feature diverse characters or teach children about different cultures can promote empathy and understanding. They will also help your kid gain more knowledge about the world and how to interact with people of different backgrounds.

Size and portability

Consider the size and weight of the toy to ensure it is comfortable for a child to handle. Heavy or bulky playthings may be challenging for them to carry around or play with. Also, think about whether it is portable enough to be brought on trips or suitable for outdoor play.


Ultimately, the cost of a gift is an important consideration when choosing the right item. You can find many inexpensive toys for all sorts of preferences or interests. Further, think about the gift’s price tag in relation to its benefits. Try to choose something that will provide long-lasting value to the child instead of something that may be quickly outgrown or forgotten.

Child’s interests and preferences

Finally, it is essential to consider the child’s interests and preferences when selecting a gift for a 7-year-old. Take the time to understand their hobbies as well as their likes and dislikes so that you can choose something they will love and cherish for years to come.


When it comes to choosing the best gifts for 7-year-olds, it’s important to consider a variety of factors. With this comprehensive buyer’s guide, you now have all the information you need to make a well-informed decision. Keep in mind things like age-appropriateness, safety, educational value, creativity, durability, and more. Also, always make sure that you take the kid’s personality and interests into consideration. By taking these factors into account when selecting a gift, you can ensure that your child not only has fun but also learns and grows in the process.

Common questions about gifts for 7-years-olds

What are some good gift ideas for a 7-year-old?

When it comes to selecting the best gifts for 7-year-olds, there are a plethora of options available. Toys, games, puzzles, and craft sets are just a few examples of the types of gifts that can be suitable for this age group. The key is to choose something that is engaging and educational to ensure the child gets the most out of their gift.

Do I need to assemble the toys myself?

Some toys may require assembly, especially if they are a part of a larger set. Any toys that require an adult to help assemble should have a set of easy-to-follow instructions included in the packaging.

How do I select an appropriate gift for a 7-year-old?

Consider their interests and hobbies. Also consider their developmental level to ensure the toy is not too simple or difficult.

Can I find educational gifts for 7-year-olds?

Yes, there are many gifts that can be both fun and educational, including building sets, science kits, educational board games, and learning toys.

What are some popular themes for gifts for 7-year-olds?

Popular themes include unicorns, dinosaurs, superheroes, fairies, animals, and space.

How do I maintain the condition of the toys/game?

The instructions should include maintenance recommendations. Make sure that any cleaning products you use on the toys are safe for children and will not damage any components.

Can multiple children play together with a single toy/item?

Some toys/games are made with multiplayer capability in mind and can be played with by multiple children at a time. It’s always best to check the age recommendations and limitations before making a decision.

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