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5 retro Disney+ shows to binge-watch with your kids

Remember Saturday morning cartoons and those Friday night sitcoms with the dreamy heartthrobs? It may be hard to remember what television used to be like with all the streaming services available today. Back in the day, you actually had to tune in at a specific time to watch your favorite shows, and you could only do it on the family TV unless you were one of the lucky ones to have a television in your bedroom.

Well, thanks to those streaming services, you can take a walk down memory lane and share the best ’90s shows you loved growing up with your own kids. Disney+ has a fun lineup of awesome retro kids shows that still pack a punch. Introduce your kiddos to some of your personal favorites streaming now on Disney+. If you can’t think of any, see if any of these beloved ’90s hits strike a chord.

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Boy Meets World

If you were a fan of Cory, Sean, Eric, and Topanga, then pull up a seat on the couch. There are seven seasons of fun, laughs, and tears as 12-year-old Cory moves through middle school, high school and college surrounded by his friends, loving parents, and his moral compass, Mr. Feeny. Never mind that Mr. Feeny lives next door to the Matthews family or that he seems to teach Cory and his pals every year, your kids will enjoy the friendship and the romance of Cory and Topanga from its innocent beginning to their young marriage. When you’ve finished all 158 episodes, check into a Disney original series Girl Meets World where Cory and Topanga’s daughter and a new band of friends take on the world. You will love all the cameos of the stars from the original series. This is a fun watch for kids 10 and up.

The Simpsons

Show your teens there were edgy series when you were a kid too by introducing them to Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa, and the rest of the Springfield crew. What can you say about a series with 30-plus seasons and over 700 shows? The animated show is still going strong, and you can have a laugh while your kids get a glimpse of the early Simpsons from season 1 and on. Disney+ has 31 seasons streaming on the platform. Now that is a lot of Homer and Bart craziness. “D’oh!”

Smart Guy

For a ’90s show ideal for all ages, try Smart Guy starring Tahj Mowry. The series premiered on the WB in the late ’90s. Think Young Sheldon with a nostalgic twist. Mowry portrays 10-year-old kid genius who is moved from the fourth grade up to high school. There are three seasons to enjoy on Disney+ that are filled with laughs and lessons as TJ learns to balance his high intellect with the growing pains that come with being a tween.


Waking up early to watch Saturday morning cartoons may be a thing of the past, but recess isn’t. This animated cartoon is best for kids 7 and up and centers on six fourth graders in Third Street Elementary School and the trouble they get into when lunch is over. King Bob, a sixth grader, rules the roost, and there are a lot of unwritten laws and codes kids need to follow just to have some fun on the playground. You and your kids will get some giggles and can chat about how recess has changed (or not changed) over the years.


Gargoyles are alive and living in New York City? They are in this action-adventure series from the mid ’90s. Goliath and his band of gargoyles wake up in the Big Apple after their castle was relocated from Scotland. If your kids love fantasy, this is a great series to binge-watch with kiddos 7 and up.

Television has certainly evolved since parents sat in front of the TV as kids waiting for their favorite shows to start. Today, your top shows can travel with you, and you never have to worry about missing an episode. There is something special though about remembering the shows that made you laugh and cry growing up or your first celebrity crush. Now, you can share them with your kiddos.

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