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The best charcoal pencils for drawing

Finally, there are pencils made entirely of graphite, which, among other things, allow better use of their material. Do you want to know which are the best charcoal pencils for drawing on the market? Continue reading.

There are varieties of pencils, and these come in different grades. To name a few, there is the traditional wooden pencil, which comes in different grades, and, as we all know, its point must be frequently sharpened with a sharpener. Conversely, Peel & Sketch pencils do not need a sharpener because, as is clear from their name, you only need to peel them to make their tips sharp.

Professional Charcoal Pencils Drawing Set

Best Overall

This product consists of a 12-piece set of high-quality charcoal pencils for scratch-free sketching and drawing in general. These pencils are nicely layered, non-toxic (ASTM D-4236, and EN71 compliant) and are great to create great contrasts and a wide variety of tones, especially dark ones. They come in three grades of soft charcoal pieces, which are the ones that soil the most and produce the darkest lines, two hard pieces to make sharper and cleaner edges, and four medium pieces to get the best of both worlds.

Moreover, these pencils are easy to manipulate thanks to their hexagonal shape. Also, charcoal per se is quickly applied, allowing illustrators to quickly materialize their ideas on paper. However, markings made with these pencils can be easily blended and erased, giving both novice and seasoned artists the chance to have great control over their creations. Thus, this set is the perfect gift for current or soon-to-be illustrators, including kids.

General's Peel & Sketch Charcoal Pencils

Best Peel & Pull Pencil

There's no need to sharpen these all-American Peel & Sketch pencils; peel them, and you are good to go! This set includes three peelable pencils (one soft, one medium, and one hard) and a kneaded eraser.

EVNEED Woodless Pencil Set

Best Woodless Option

This set includes pencils with twelve grades of graphite (2H HB B 2B 3B 4B 5B 6B 7B 8B 9B 10B), all of which are completely made of graphite material. Since it's easy to draw thicker and bolder lines with woodless pencils, these are perfect for sketching and drawing figures and portraits. Also, given that their tip can be sharpened with sandpaper, they tend to last longer than traditional ones.

There is a perfect charcoal pencil for everyone. If you want to buy a set that most people can use in the greatest number of cases, we recommend that you get the Professional Charcoal Pencils Drawing Set.

However, if you are looking for a new and comfortable option, you should buy Peel & Sketch Charcoal Pencils. Finally, choose EVNEED Woodless Pencil Set to draw thicker lines or if you are pursuing to get a better price-benefit ratio.