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The best dad gifts from daughter

The relationship between a dad and his daughter is a very special one, and when there is an occasion for gift giving, selecting the perfect present can be a challenge. Sometimes a daughter’s gift should be sentimental, while other times a more practical gift is the right route to follow. Dads will usually appreciate any gift from a daughter, especially if it is heartfelt and personal.  In order to select the best dad gifts from a daughter, we considered factors such as personalization, functionality, ease of use, style, and presentation.Check out our short list of the best dad gifts from daughters available online.


Best Overall

Our favorite dad gift from daughter

This stainless steel keychain is a functional and personalized Father’s Day gift that features an inspirational message dads will appreciate.


  • Constructed from hypoallergenic stainless steel, with two inspirational tags attached.
  • Set includes a jewelry bag for presentation, and the keychain has an easy hook and loop closure.


  • Durability is an issue, and the inscription is challenging to read.

Funny Bone Products


Funny gag gift coffee mug

For dads with a good sense of humor, this functional mug has a great father/daughter message that will last for years.


  • Ceramic mug is microwave and dishwasher-safe, with a large and comfortable handle.
  • Message is appropriate for all ages, and the mug arrives in a white box suitable for presentation.


  • Mug capacity is closer to 8 ounces than 11 ounces.


Top Contender

Functional grill set for Dad

This BBQ grill set is a perfect gift for dads who enjoy being grill masters in the backyard and would appreciate a personalized set of tools.


  • Set includes a stainless steel spatula, tongs, electronic meat thermometer and a canvas carrying case.
  • Personalized with the words “#1 Dad” on tongs and spatula.


  • Reports of damaged items on arrival, and the thermometer may not work.

Elegant Signs

Honorable Mention

Sentimental picture frame

The message on this wooden picture frame is perfect as a daughter’s message to her dad, and there is a space to display a 4” by 6” inch photograph for any occasion.


  • Plaque is 8” by 10”, with a frame for a 4” by 6” photo. Inscription reads “The Love Between a Father and Daughter Lasts Forever”. 
  • Includes an easel stand for desktop display or hooks for wall mounting.


  • Photograph can fall out of the frame and there is no glass protector. 


Also Consider

Inspirational prayer for dad

This inspiring wooden wall plaque contains a heartfelt prayer that fathers will find meaningful and personal.


  • Sturdy wooden plaque is wall-mountable, measures 6” by 9”, with an artistically distressed font.
  • Inscription is appropriate for all gift-giving occasions, from a birthday to Christmas to a wedding.


  • Inscription lettering is smaller than expected and difficult to read.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Should a dad gift from a daughter be personalized?

This is strictly a personal decision for the gift giver. Many items appropriate for dads can be personalized in some way, such as inscribed initials or a personalized card, but this isn’t a requirement. Many dads simply appreciate the gesture because of a special bond, so the cost of the gift or personalization is rarely a consideration. 

  • Is it okay for me to buy my dad a humorous “gag gift”?

If you have the kind of relationship with your dad that would include a sense of humor or an inside joke, then you should feel free to consider investing in a gag gift. While others may feel comfortable with a sentimental or functional gift, an occasional gag gift from a loved one can be an instant mood lifter for the recipient. Just be sure the gag gift is in good taste, since it may be presented in public.

Buying Guide:

Shopping for a gift for Dad has often been extremely challenging, because he either claims to have everything he needs, or his personal wants and needs are almost inscrutable. Daughters who want to find a meaningful dad gift must often choose between a functional gift, a sentimental gift or a uniquely personal gift. It often helps to consider the nature of the occasion and decide which type of gift would be most appropriate. 

Another consideration with a daughter/father gift is the retail price point. Some fathers may not feel comfortable receiving an expensive gift from their daughter, so the goal is more about the sentiment behind the gift. With a little research, lists of recommended gifts for Father’s Day or Dad’s birthday are available online. Sometimes standard gift ideas such as cologne, tools, and books are completely appropriate, while unique gift items with sentimental value are also well-received. A model of a beloved car, for example, can be the perfect gift, or a toy from his childhood. A favorite memory can become the inspiration for a perfect dad gift.

When shopping for a gift for dad, a daughter should also consider including other family members in a larger gift or service. Providing the means for a vacation or sentimental trip can be an excellent present, along with a surprise family reunion or family scrapbook. 

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