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The best drawing pencils for young flourishing artists

Picking up the best drawing pencils for artists may seem a difficult task. They come in various grades and intensity. Graphite pencils come in different grades. A standard grading system is HB, where H stands for Hardness, and B stands for Blackness.

Drawing pencils are generally made of graphite. A crucial consideration when choosing a pencil is your drawing style. You can expect premium quality strokes from the drawing pencils of our list. Learn more about them!

Norberg & Linden Drawing Set

Best Sketching Kit

Norberg and Linden bring one of the most advanced drawing sets in the market. The pack contains drawing pencils in black ink and 100 sheets of drawing pads, sharpeners, vinyl erasers, and charcoal sticks.

Royal & Langnickel Essentials Sketching Pencil Set

Best Value

Royal and Langnickel bring a brilliant offering to your art supplies collection. Ranging from 5H to 6B in black ink, the graphite pencil caters to all your drawing needs. There are 12 pencils in the set, making it suitable for artists of all levels.

Castle Art Supplies Drawing & Sketching Pencil Art Set

Best for Beginners

Castle Art has a reputation for delivering brilliant performance, particularly helping beginners to work flawlessly. The package contains everything an artist might need, from 12 graphite pencils to sticks and graphite sharpeners.

The best quality of drawing pencils produces beautiful black and grey sketches. To help you find the right art supplies, we have researched the market and reviewed the best pencils for artists. Take a look and find the ideal choice for yourself!