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The best fuse beads for fun indoor activities

For fun charms, creations, displays, and so many patterns, fusion beads are a great crafting choice. They allow you and your children to exercise the power of imagination and bring images to life. Our best picks for fun fusion beads will enable you to create what you want and bring it to life.

You can find all sorts of fusion beads patterns to suit your interests. Cats, cartoons, fandoms, or just designs — anything is possible with some creative vision. These options on our list are fun fusion beads for a crafting afternoon or spending time with your children. Here’s what you need to know.

Perler Assorted Multicolor Fuse Beads

Best for Easy Storage

These multicolored perler beads come in a durable container and feature lots of bright options for your designs. The mega-set includes around 22,000 beads and 30 different colors for a variety of projects. They aren't separated by color, and you'll need to supply the pegboards, but this choice gives you more options than the average starter set.

Sculpt Pro Fuse Beads

Best with Organizer

If you prefer your beads organized by color, this convenient set is the right option. You get around 20,000 beads in ten different colors, all separated into a convenient organizer set. Three stacking levels offer plenty of room for additions, and you get six different pegboards to start creating.

FunzBo Fuse Beads Craft Kit

Best Small Batch

If you or your children are just starting, this smaller set provides a more accessible way to get the beads you need. You'll have around 5500 beads in several colors, along with an organizer and pegboards. If your children don't like them, you won't be drowning in beads. The pegboards include different sizes and shapes, and beads come in 21 different colors.

Use the fuse bead kits on this list to create all kinds of fun images that you can attach to jewelry, key chains, or just display around your home. They’re a great way to kickstart your imagination and provide the raw materials for all kinds of projects.

NewFolks Contributor
NewFolks Contributor
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