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The best grim reaper costume for kids

Kids who like pretend play love to let the imagination fly with mischievous disguises. Grim reaper costumes are the perfect playful twist for frightful pretend play. Let your kids have a boo-tiful time as they laugh and scare each other with chills and thrills.

Kids love to get spooked, and every costume party’s star is always the one with the most wicked costume. To frighten the living daylights out of everyone, check out our selection of grim reaper costumes for kids. From glow in the dark to light up, they’re downright spooky and awesome. Let’s take a look at our hair-raising selection.

Spooktacular Creations Glow-In-The-Dark Grim Reaper Costume

Best Overall

The Spooktacular Creations Grim Reaper Costume is the glow in the dark disguise of the year. This 6-piece costume includes a hood and cape, robe, mask, gloves, and scythe to give your child everything they need to paint the town dead. It includes all the accessories, so you won't have to buy any additional products. The glow in the dark mask, gloves, and handprints are the eerie touch that makes this costume stand out even when it's pitch black outside.

California Costumes Soul Taker Child Costume

Best Value

Show your spirit without breaking the bank with the California Costumes Soul Taker Child Costume. With its victims right on the robe, this Grim Reaper costume features screen prints and a see-through face cover that'll keep everyone guessing who's under the creepy hood. Made from lightweight materials, this costume is not too heavy and perfect for layering if needed.

Fun World Phantom Costume

Best Light-up Feature

Your little one will light up the party with the Fun World Phantom Costume. This bone-chilling costume features bright red eyes that feel right out of a scary movie. Your child will be thrilled to get their scare on and frighten everything who crosses their path. With an easy pull on closure and jagged cuffs and hemline, this easy fit costume is comfortable for your child to wear all night long.

Scary costumes are hauntingly fun for all ages. If your child enjoys the idea of macabre costumes, they’ll love the Grim Reaper costumes on our list. These frightening ghostly disguises are perfect for kids of all ages to dress up and show their spirit while getting a kick from startling others.

NewFolks Contributor
NewFolks Contributor
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