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The best jewelry beads for arts and crafts days

Introducing your child to jewelry making can be a fun and healthy choice. This activity will nurture your little one’s fine motor skills as they string beads together to create their own jewelry. It also fosters creativity and problem solving as they pick out beads to put together to make the perfect design. Encouraging your child to make jewelry gifts will also help them with their social and empathetic skills. There are many cognitive and emotional benefits to jewelry making.

Beaded jewelry is a popular choice for people old and young. Because of how accessible this form of jewelry making is, you can make different designs that range in complexity. Use beads with larger holes and some stretchy string if you want your child to put together some fun designs for them and their friends. You can also use wire to create beautiful earrings for older children.

Just My Style ABC Beads

Best Alphabet Beads Set

Friendship bracelets are some of the most fun children can have when making each other jewelry. The Just My Style ABC Beads give your child plenty of options to customize the bracelets they make for themselves and their friends. The kit comes with four styles of letter beads that your child can mix and match. It also comes with colorful beads and strings for your child to have a variety of choices.

L.O.L. Surprise! Secret Message Jewelry

Best Overall

Does your little one love secret messages? The L.O.L. Surprise! Secret Message Jewelry kit lets your kid make bracelets with secret messages. They can add stickers to charms and use the included decoder to figure out what the message says. The kit comes with over 400 other beads and charms to make plenty of different bracelets to wear. Each kit also comes with a surprise charm that you can only find when you open up the kit!

FunzBo Snap Pop Beads

Best Variety

If your child can’t decide on which pack to get for their jewelry making, why not choose them all? The FunzBo Snap Pop Beads contain 520 pieces that you can mix and match to create unique designs. They are fun and super easy to use. Instead of using strings and wires to put them together, you just snap the beads next to each other and you have an instant masterpiece to wear.

Getting the right beads for jewelry making can be just as fun as putting the jewelry together. We hope our top choices helped you find the right beads that will work best for you and your child. Have fun crafting up ideas and bringing your imaginations to life.