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6 adorable outfits for your baby to wear home from the hospital

After you have given birth, one of the most exciting things to do is to get your little one dressed in their baby-going-home outfit! The fun part is choosing what to bring them home in. Is it fancy florals for your little girl, or a beautiful baby blue for your bouncing baby boy? It’s so much fun to decide what to bring them home in. Here are some of the most adorable outfits for your little bundle of joy when you bring them home.

Kashoer “Worth the Wait” Outfit

This adorable outfit lets the whole world know that this little one was most definitely “worth the wait!” Coming with sweet camouflage pants and a cute little beanie, when you bring your little sweetheart home in this outfit, everyone will be gushing over how cute they are!

Fommy “New to the Crew” 3-Piece Outfit Set

If you’re on the lookout for something that is gender-neutral but still absolutely sweet, then this “New to the Crew” three-piece set is perfect to take your baby home in. It is made of 100% cotton, so it will be comfortable for your little one to wear at all times.

MA&BABY “Hello World” 3-Piece Set

When your wee one is ready to say hello to the world, this is the outfit that you can put them in. With adorable striped pants that are accented by mustard yellow cuffs and a drawstring, it also comes with a mustard yellow beanie. It is yet another excellent gender-neutral outfit that is great for your baby. It is made of a high-quality material cotton blend, so your baby’s comfort is assured at all times.

OoSweetCharlotteoO “Hello, I’m New Here” 3-Piece Outfit

Made with organic cotton, this three-piece set lets your little girl announce her presence into the world with a bold and bright outfit. The bodysuit features an adorable saying, “Hello, I’m new here,” while the bottom bloomers are just too cute for words. It also comes with a pretty floral headband to accent the outfit.

CandyTT Baby Girl’s Summer “Mom’s Bestie” Short Set

Mom’s new bestie has surely arrived! In this adorable summer short set, your little one will look beautiful and bright with the bold yellow coloring on the bloomers and the bow that accompanies the set. The set itself is made of all cotton, so you can rest assured that your baby girl will be comfortable and cool while rocking this sweet outfit coming home.

Alicado Infant “Little Man” Deer Bodysuit 3-Piece Set

If you’re expecting a little boy, this is most definitely a great choice of an outfit for him to go home in! It is made of a cotton blend and is totally comfortable, with the onesie saying “Newest Addition to the Family,” while the adorable pants and beanie say “Little Man,” and are accented by deer antlers. What a way to make an entrance!

Whatever outfit you choose to put your little darling in, they are going to look as sweet as pie no matter what!

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