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From Emerson to Jagger, here are some top rare boy names to consider for you little bundle

Looking for rare boy names? Take a look at these unique names for boys!

Choosing a name is a difficult decision for parents-to-be. There are so many names to pick from and let’s face it: It’s a huge decision. Your name goes with you your entire life. Most parents want to look at unique boy names for their babies. No one wants their son to have the first letter of their last name tacked on to their name at school because there are three Michaels in the classroom.

You also don’t want to pick a name that’s so bizarre that your son will be the target of ridicule when it’s time for school. Thankfully, there isn’t cause for alarm. There are quite a few rare boy names carrying meaning and history behind them that are actually cool.

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Rare boy names

Classic names like John and Michael have never really gone out of style as far as boys’ names go. Liam was the top boy’s name in 2022 and the honor goes to Noah in 2023. Here are 15 unique boy names and their meaning to put on your baby name list.


Arlen has its roots in the Gaelic language that came from Ireland and was spoken mainly in the Scottish Highlands. It means pledge or oath.


This name also comes from across the pond in the United Kingdom. It means little brook.


Brayden has its origins in both England and Ireland. This rare boy name has a couple of different meanings, including brave.


A Scottish name meaning dove.


This name may, of course, remind you of the poet Ralph Waldo Emerson. The name Emerson has English origins and means brave and powerful.


The name Grady comes from Ireland and means noble.


This is a strong, unique name from Wales. It means to be strong in your faith.


Gyles has origins in two places. It can be another Gaelic name, meaning servant or Greek. The Greek meaning is young goat.


When you hear this name, you probably think of the Rolling Stones, but Jagger is a Middle English word meaning “one who cuts.”


This is considered American and a gender-neutral name. Jaylen can mean tranquil or healer.


Another American name with more modern roots is Jhett. It means “wild spirit.”


If you’re looking for a different unisex name, try Kai. Kai has its origins in Hawaii, where it means sea, or in Greece, where it can mean the earth.


This rare boy name’s roots are difficult to pin down, but in Welsh it means “spirit of battle.”


Malik is a unique boy name from Africa, which means king.


Marlon is a rare boy name with roots in English and old French. It means a little hawk.

A few other unique boy names to try out are Paxton, Rainer, Ronan, Tucker, and Zander (or Xander).

The list of boy names that are not as common as more traditional names is actually pretty lengthy. These rare boy names have their origins around the globe and have a bit of history. They also sound cool without being completely out there. Choosing a name for your son is an important decision and one that can be a lot of fun. Ultimately, you will know which one suits your little guy when you hold him in your arms.

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