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4 great labor and delivery gowns that are actually comfortable

For new mothers, there isn’t much out there that could top bringing their child(ren) into this world. And when it comes to childbirth, most moms would agree that being comfortable while in labor is an oxymoron. However, easing the discomfort of labor can come in the form of a simple piece of clothing. While packing their hospital bag for that “Honey, it’s time!” moment, mothers often want to keep it simple in that department. You don’t just want the best nightgown there is to buy, you want something that will keep you cool, calm, and stylish.

Labor and delivery (L&D) gowns, also referred to as maternity gowns, are designed for expecting mothers with loose and soft fabric styles in addition to openings to nurse their new bundles of joy. Each mom has different features they are looking for when shopping for one. Because of the diverse options, we have selected the top 4 most-searched options, giving you a variety of options to start from.

Baby Be Mine Gownies

Starting things off, we have the labor and delivery maternity hospital gown from Baby Be Mine. This product is the No. 1 best-selling L&D gown, giving moms a traditional and stylish option that is available in a wide selection of colors and patterns. Baby Be Mine gowns are pretty enough to add a touch of beauty to newborn photos, while they’re practical enough to assist new moms in caring for their new additions easily — hello front-snap access for nursing, examinations, and IV access! Forget those revealing and frumpy hospital-issued gowns. Swap in a feminine pattern or vibrant and solid maternity gown from Baby Be Mine and stand out in style and comfort.

POSHGLAM Maternity Nursing Dress

For new moms who may be living in warmer-climate areas who are due to give birth in the heat of the summer, or who may simply become too warm or overheated easily, this lightweight, sleeveless L&D gown is perfect. POSHGLAM’s light and breathable gown gives moms real comfort without creating extra work simply just to put it on. This dress easily slides over the head and arms, for quick dressing and undressing. Each strap is outfitted with two snap closures, which detach for easy access when nursing. Its blend of moisture wicking rayon and spandex materials make this dress ideal to keep new moms relaxed and dry.

Kindred Bravely Labor and Delivery Gown

New mothers come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, creeds, and colors. Not all L&D gowns cater to shapely women, so we felt it our duty to seek out options for plus-sized mamas. To that end, we are proud to bring to light the Kindred Bravely Labor and Delivery Gown. This gown, made to fit sizes 0 through 24, focuses more on the size of your baby bump versus your dress size. This dress is available in several color/pattern options, is made from an uber-soft blend of polyester and cotton, and remains practical for use in labor and delivery through postpartum. Additionally, this dress is outfitted with two large pockets on the front, perfect for keeping a few personal items handy.

Ekouaer Women’s Nursing, Labor, and Delivery Gown

Just like our hot mamas going into labor in warmer weather, we have found a snug and toasty long-sleeved option for new moms in colder climates, birthing in bitter temperatures, or who just need some extra warmth. Ekouaer’s simple yet sleek design allows moms-to-be a chance of style while going through one of the most painful and equally beautiful times in their lives. This dress features front snaps for nursing or IV access, a quick-snap back, and a nice selection of color options. Ideal for later stages of pregnancy including the third trimester, labor and delivery, postpartum, and nursing.

From plus sizes to pretty patterns, and from long sleeves to sleeveless, we hope our list of top-rated and reviewed labor and delivery gowns gets you started on your hunt to finding the perfect addition to your hospital go-bag. Having on something that aides you on your journey to motherhood can be a real blessing in the delivery room. Each option has its own pros and cons; however, it’s up to you, our dear reader, to find the ideal choice to suit your needs, making it the best nightgown for delivery, just for you.

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