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5 comfy toddler sandals under $30 your child will actually wear

First challenge? Find your toddler’s shoes. Second challenge? Get them on your toddler’s feet. Third challenge? Ensure they actually stay on your toddler’s feet. What with all the flailing, squirming, and exploring toddlers are apt to do, shoes, especially in spring and summer when sandals seem oh-so-optional, are bound to go missing — and while toddler shoes aren’t super expensive, all those lost shoes start to add up.

To give you a leg (or foot?) up on the situation, we’ve compiled a list of the five best toddler sandals so comfy your kid will keep them on this year — and they’re even all under $30!  

Crocs Unisex Child Classic Flip-Flops

  • Strap keeps the sandals on
  • Easy for kids to put on themselves
  • Easy to clean

Did you know that the Crocs brand makes more than just traditional Crocs clogs? The brand also makes comfy flip-flops for all ages, but the variant for toddlers ages 1 to 4 isn’t your average flip-flop. Since you probably hear the word “flip-flop” and imagine your child flinging one as far and high as it can go, as quickly as possible, Crocs has made its toddler flip-flops just a tad more difficult to remove by including a strap that goes around the ankle.

The flip-flops are still easy for children to put on by themself, but they won’t go slipping and sliding everywhere. Plus, they dry quickly, are easy to clean, and they’re totally comfortable toddler sandals — at least as far as flip-flops are concerned. 

The pairs come in pink, blue, and gray options. 

Reef Kids Ahi Sandals 

  • Features durable (yet comfy) foam
  • Traditional design
  • Straps keep the sandals on

If you’re still not too keen on the Crocs brand and look, no matter how comfy and easy-to-clean the sandals are, why not try these toddler sandals that are more traditional in design and style? Made with a soft and comfy foam material (that’s still pretty durable), they secure via a series of straps but still look like flip-flops. Over time, the foam material fits to your child’s unique foot shape for an even greater level of comfort. Plus, they’ll get your child accustomed to the feel of flip-flops faster, so they can eventually level up to “big-kid” flip-flops. 

ALEADER Kids Sport Water Hiking Sandals  

  • Features rubber sole and rubber-tipped toe
  • Breathable material
  • Good for outdoor adventures

If you feel like your toddler needs a little more protection than the average flip-flop offers, you might want to consider this option at the top of our budget. A rubber sole and rubber-tipped toe protect against injuries and accidents, while the fabric top keeps your child’s foot mostly covered, with slats on the side and back for breathability. This sandal is a good pick for lots of outdoor and adventure play, from the playground to the hiking trails, or wherever you expect your child to be running, jumping, climbing, or otherwise prone to messes and mischief. 

tombik Toddler Boys & Girls Beach/Pool Slide Sandals  

  • Comes in a variety of cute designs
  • Ankle strap keeps the sandals on
  • Budget-friendly

However, sometimes you just want a toddler sandal that will accent your child’s outfit perfectly, something that they’ll love to look at (and will, as a result, hate to lose). When that’s the case, turn to these tombik sandals that are pretty budget-friendly and come in an array of cool designs. The simple slip-on sandal is designed a bit like an adult’s slider shoe, but with a strap that goes around the ankle for extra support. Designs range from rainbows to sharks, alligators to metallic unicorns, so there’s something for just about every kid, regardless of their interests. 

tombik Toddler Aquatic Water Shoes 

  • Works as a sandal and a water shoe
  • Breathable material
  • Comes in a variety of cute designs

Another clear winner from the tombik brand, this sandals-meets-water-shoes option will work well at the pool, beach, or lake. The tough bottom keeps your toddler’s feet safe from sharp rocks and other items, while the breathable top fabric dries quickly. The open sides and back allow for greater breathability, and a snap in the front makes them easy for toddlers to put on by themself. 

Just like tombik’s fashion-forward sandals, these sandal water shoes also boast cool designs, like dinosaurs or mermaids, so your child will love them just as much as you do. Tuck them into your beach bag or pool gear, and you’re ready to go. 

Don’t make clothing your toddler harder than it has to be. These comfy, cute sandals will make both them and you happy — them, because they’re all fun, colorful, and kid-friendly, and you, because they’re actually wearing shoes for once. Whether you need a shoe that’s all function and very little fashion, or vice versa, all of these shoes are sure to keep your toddler’s toes comfortable and actually … you know … on their feet. From the playground to the park, the zoo to Grandma’s house, and everywhere in-between, these sandals are ready to take your toddler wherever they need to go. 

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