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5 fun family activities to do outdoors before it gets too hot

With the arrival of summer and the school year coming to a close, you and your loved ones have a chance to get outside and enjoy some fun family activities before the sun gets too intense. The early morning hours provide a few hours of cooler temperatures. Thus, playing a game or taking in some sights are viable options for enjoying more free time. Not only that, the little guys and gals get a chance to expel some of that extra energy. Here are some fun outdoor activities for kids.

Play baseball or kickball

In the early hours of the day or when it cools off in the evening, there’s nothing like a great game of baseball. If you don’t have plates for the bases, you can always use large rocks. (As another activity, the kids can paint them ahead of time.) Or, if you have some mats lying around that aren’t being used, they would work, as well. Once the “field” is set up, you and your family can enjoy America’s pastime in the backyard or at a park.

What if you don’t have a bat and baseball? No worries. You can play kickball with a soccer ball. The rules are quite similar — and so is the fun.

Kids at a zoo watching a snake
Dragon Images/Shutterstock

Go to the zoo

Who can ever pass up an outing that’s both fun and educational? Going to your local zoo ranks high among fun family activities to do before the temperatures rise. Your kids will love to see and learn about the various species.

To add even more fun and intrigue, you can also add a photo scavenger hunt for the whole family. At the end of the game, your children can tell what they learned about the animals in each picture.

Have a picnic at the park

Among many fun outdoor activities for kids and adults alike, a picnic is one of the most enjoyable. The kids can help pick out and prepare their favorite snacks at home for a morning trip to the park and playground. To top off the fun, you can also turn this trip into a playdate with friends or family. So whether you have a small group or a herd of 11, the kids will love climbing, swinging, and sliding before the afternoon heat kicks in.

Go on a hike

If you and your little ones crave a bit of adventure, then a drive to a state or national park offers the chance to go on a hike. You’ll encounter the best nature has to offer — from breathtaking landscapes to close-up sightings of critters. You can also combine other outdoor activities as part of your hiking experience. Whether you pack some sack lunches (and plenty of water) or take your cameras for a photo scavenger hunt, hiking provides a memorable day trip.

little girl watching kite
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Fly a kite

And speaking of wide-open spaces and fun family activities, you’ll need ample room to run if you and the family go kite flying. Whether it’s the first time or the 50th, your children will gaze up in wonder at the object floating in the breeze. Furthermore, everyone will get their cardio in while getting a running start for the kite to take off. Of course, younger kids will need some help with holding the roll of string.

One sure way to double the fun of this activity is to help your kids construct and decorate their own kites using dowels, sturdy garbage bags, and markers. (And don’t forget to add the tail.)

So now you have some ideas for fun family activities for the cool morning hours. High temperatures won’t have to keep the kids indoors all day. Plus, another thing to remember is that most of these activities would be planned before noon when the sun reaches its peak. Remember to keep plenty of water and sunscreen on hand. Nonetheless, it’s time to take advantage of the longer days of summer to get out and have some fun.

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