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Maternity activewear that won’t make you look frumpy

When it comes to maternity-exercise clothes, the good old days of relying on sweatpants and an oversize T-shirt are gone — although that still presents a very comfortable option. However, in the here and now, you actually have options that are not just comfortable and functional but also stylish.

Thus, we have compiled a list of fashionable maternity activewear for every stage of pregnancy.

Moreover, you’ll find some common traits such as material that’s breathable and moisture-wicking plus additional support for your core.


For over-the-belly support and coverage, the Glampunch Maternity Yoga Pants provide comfort and style with a soft and stretchy blend of spandex and polyester. The elastic band at the top of the belly panel won’t cut into your skin and can be worn gathered before your bump starts to show.


When you need a bit more warmth on a morning walk, these joggers keep you cozy and comfortable. The breathable rayon and spandex blend provide a loose fit without that gives plenty of room without looking too baggy. The drawstring makes for easy adjusting as you go from one trimester to the next. Also, these joggers come with pockets for carrying your cell phone and any other necessities.

Plus, the stylish, textured fabric adds a sporty look to your workout outfit.

Workout shorts

For warmer weather and indoors, you can rely on the Bamboo Maternity and Postpartum Lounge Shorts to provide both style and comfort. The drawstring helps you to adjust the waist to wear under your baby bump but without the worry of slipping, thanks to the sturdy spandex. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about discomfort on a hot day because of the breathable, moisture-wicking bamboo material. Not only that, if you’re exercising on a mat, the legs won’t crawl up on you. These workout shorts also come with pockets to carry your necessities when you’re out for a walk.


And don’t forget the comfy top to along with your workout gear. This maternity workout tank is perfect for layering or wearing alone. The ruched sides provide a flattering look throughout all stages of your pregnancy, while the nylon mesh down the center of the back adds a touch of unique flair.

This top also keeps you dry because it’s fabricated with the moisture-wicking “Go-dry” blend of polyester, spandex, and nylon. This combination of style and comfort make this piece one of the best options for maternity activewear.

Sports bras

Another must-have in your wardrobe of maternity-exercise clothes is a super-supportive and comfortable sports bra. The Sublime Nursing Sports Bra makes the perfect addition to your maternity-exercise clothes collection because of its nonstop comfort during pregnancy and postpartum. The super-soft fabric keeps you dry during your workout with its breathable, moisture-wicking material. So whether you’re hiking, biking, or perfecting your yoga poses, this sports bra provides the support you’ll need during all trimesters.


Because circulation is imperative during pregnancy, the NEWZILL Low-Cut Compression Socks present a great choice of maternity activewear. The NEWZILL technology alleviates foot pain, especially in the heel and in the ball of your foot. The texture of this orthopedic sock also decreases the impact on the foot bed while doing a workout, thus minimizing soreness and swelling. The breathable fabric also helps prevent odor and keeps your feet cool no what the temperature is. Not only that, with a variety of colors, they pair well with any workout ensemble.


Athletic shoes that prevent sore feet prove to be vital during all stages of pregnancy, and so is finding the right pair that complement your maternity-exercise clothes. A pair of


is so lightweight, you almost feel like you’re barefoot. However, the sturdy sole and cushion on the inside of the shoe absorb shock and help you to maintain your balance.

Belly bands

Finally, one of the most important pieces of maternity activewear is the “belly band,” which provides support to your abdomen and lower back. The Diravo Women’s Maternity Belly Band is crafted with elastic and spandex that offer firm support for your baby bump and the lower-back area without cutting off circulation. Another added benefit to this band is that it helps to correct your posture, which greatly helps with your workout.

Basically, working out while pregnant doesn’t mean having to wear oversized, poor-fitting clothes. In fact, you might notice that in some instances, such outfits would not provide core support, or in the case of compression socks, promote blood circulation. Therefore, opting for the right fit that’s flattering in all stages of pregnancy is the best decision.

All in all, you’ll be able to stay in top shape and maintain strength for delivery day along with looking great all the while.

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