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The best nursing covers that offer style and versatility

Some convertible nursing covers are very versatile, serving as a car seat, high chair, or shopping cart cover, or as a blanket when nursing isn’t required. These nursing covers are top considerations that can help you in various ways.

There are nursing covers that can be worn as a shawl, scarf, or poncho during a day, then be converted into a cover when it’s time to breastfeed. These nursing covers can help moms show off a bit of fashion without showing off their private parts while breastfeeding.

PPOGOO Nursing Cover

Best nursing cover overall

Image used with permission by copyright holder

A highly versatile nursing cover is a solid overall option — like the multipurpose PPOGOO Nursing Cover, which also can be used to cover a baby car seat, shopping cart, or stroller, or as a scarf or light blanket. Available in attractive stripes and a rayon blend fabric, the nursing cover can fold compactly for easy storage.

Kids N’ Such Nursing Cover with Sewn in Burp Cloth

Best apron nursing cover

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To feel appropriately covered up while nursing, a mom could use an apron nursing cover. A top option in that vein is the Kids N’ Such Nursing Cover with Sewn in Burp Cloth. It features a patented extra-large, sewn-in burp cloth that enables mothers to more easily and quickly transition from feeding to burping on top of the shoulder. It comes with a free carrying pouch that matches the nursing cover and can hold anything from diapers to nursing pads.

Kefee Kol Nursing Cover & Nursing Poncho

Best 3-in-1 nursing cover

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When you’re ready to go for a nursing cover, go for one that’s multifunctional and provides 360-degree, full breastfeeding privacy. That’s the Kefee Kol Nursing Cover & Nursing Poncho in a nutshell. It also can be used as a baby car seat canopy, or shopping cart or stroller cover. It also helps protect a baby from sunlight, heat, wind, insects, germs, bacteria, and pollen.

As a breastfeeding mom, seek the privacy you crave by buying a top-notch, flexible nursing cover. These nursing covers fit that bill, offering versatility, style, and safety in addition to privacy.

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