The best lavender essential oils for aromatherapy and relaxation

Lavender oils are a sound investment whether you are into diffusing your oils for aromatherapy or applying them on the skin for a decadent massage. The scent is often associated with relaxation and is found in many sleep-promoting items. No matter your reason for buying a lavender essential oil, be sure to get a pure product.

Look for 100-percent pure lavender oil when choosing this essential oil. Some products may look like they’re a good value but are actually not entirely lavender oil and instead contain another carrier oil. Let’s look at our top picks for pure lavender oils.

Artizen Lavender Essential Oil

Best overall

A natural product, Artizen Lavender Essential Oil is safe for typical use. This essential oil is undiluted and consists only of pure lavender essential oil. Routinely tested for purity, Artizen Lavender Essential Oil is guaranteed to be entirely made of lavender. The bottles of this lavender oil are UV coated to prevent the oil’s breakdown.

Healing Solutions Lavender Essential Oil

Best certified kosher lavender essential oil

Healing Solutions Lavender Essential Oil is a therapeutic grade product, and it’s both certified kosher and registered with the FDA. Healing Solutions Lavender Essential Oil is made according to strict manufacturing protocol and even comes with a money-back guarantee. 

Majestic Pure Lavender Oil

Best value lavender essential oil

Composed of a blend of oils from two lavender species, Majestic Pure Lavender Oil smells especially pleasant. This affordable oil option is imported from France and packaged in the United States. It is a steam distilled lavender essential oil. Despite its low price, Majestic Pure Lavender Oil comes in a luxurious glass bottle with a coordinating glass dropper lid. Like other lavender oils, it has a floral, mellow aroma.

Lavender essential oils smell amazing and combine well with other scents. They are a fantastic item to gift to someone as an introduction to essential oils, but they are also quite suitable for those well-versed or interested in essential oils.

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