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8 best pregnancy body pillows to ease back pain

Pregnancy brings with it aches and pains in places you might not expect. With all the changes going on in your body, some discomfort should be no surprise, but that doesn’t mean you have to take it lying down. To ease those aches and pains and get a good night’s sleep, body pillows are the way to go.

By using a body pillow, you can provide support to the places that need it most — your growing belly, your back, your strained hips, and pretty much every other joint in your body that’s feeling the strain of that growing bun in the oven.

Why do I need a pregnancy body pillow?

Unfortunately, for those of us who prefer to sleep on our bellies or backs, neither option is viable during pregnancy. Belly sleeping is off the table for obvious reasons, and sleeping on your back could compress a vital blood vessel that supplies blood to your baby and might allow the baby to compress your lungs once you reach the later stages of pregnancy.

That leaves side-sleeping. But once your belly grows and begins to strain your back and hips, side sleeping can be uncomfortable. Using a pregnancy pillow to prop up yourself up and prevent you from rolling over onto your back is a great way to ensure you don’t accidentally roll over and also makes side sleeping more tolerable as your pregnancy progresses.

When should I start using a pregnancy pillow?

You can begin using a pregnancy pillow any time you like, but by the time you hit your second trimester, you’ll definitely wish you had one. They’re indispensable as your body changes and grows, and the support they provide to sore, loose joints is a definite sleep-saver.

You can even continue using them after your baby is born. It takes a while for your body to settle down after you’ve given birth. Your joints will still be loose, you’ll still have a belly, and your back will probably still hurt for a while. The extra support from a pregnancy pillow might be just what you need to get as much rest as possible once you bring home your baby.

Pregnant Woman Sleeping In Bed With Maternity Pillow

The best pregnancy body pillows

Here are some of the best body pillows on the market, to help you get the rest you deserve.

Boppy Wedge Pillow

Wedge pillows are wedge-shaped pieces of foam that are designed to slide under your growing belly to help provide support. Wedges are also super handy for that pesky nighttime heartburn. Just slide one under your pillow to elevate your head and neck to keep heartburn at bay. The Boppy wedge pillow is a great wedge pillow option. Its compact size makes it great for travel or even for extra lumbar support while sitting or driving.

Snoogle Total Body Pillow

The Snoogle is a full-body wraparound pillow that supports your belly, your back, and your hips and knees all at once. It can be turned and positioned in a number of ways to provide you with personalized support right where you need it.

Boppy Total Body Pillow

The Boppy Total Body Pillow is a C-shaped body pillow that’s designed to support your lower back, belly, hips, and shoulders. It’s customizable and easy to maneuver and keeps everything aligned so you can get a great night’s sleep even deep in your 3rd trimester.

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

The PharMeDoc pillow is by far the most customizable pillow on our list. It comes with detachable extensions to provide you with the most perfect night’s sleep yet. The detachable portion can be used later as a nursing pillow or for head and neck support.

Meiz U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

The Meiz U-Shaped Pillow supports your front and back and despite its size, weighs in at only 3 pounds. It’s a comfy option, and you won’t have to worry about straining a muscle trying to remove the cover for laundry day!

Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

The Queen Rose full body pregnancy pillow is an extra-large pillow that can be a C-shape or a U-shape depending on your needs. It’s great for side-sleeping but can also be used for support when you’re just lounging around on the sofa. It’s larger than all the other pillows on our list and is best used in a king-sized bed.

Whichever pregnancy body pillow you choose, you’re sure to enjoy some of the best nights of rest in your pregnancy yet. Happy shopping!

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