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10 baby nicknames that are just as cute as your little one

After months of waiting, your new baby is finally here. You probably sweated over what name to choose and settled on what you think is a perfect choice. Now, you’re realizing that it’s time to choose a nickname. Some nicknames are obvious, borne of the name itself, like Johnny for Jonathan or Laney for Elaine.

On the other hand, you may still be pregnant and looking for something to call your bump besides “bump”. When you feel those first fluttery kicks, you might want to give the little person making them a name even if you haven’t chosen their official name. Or maybe, you’re not sharing your baby’s name until after his or her birth, and want to give family and friends a moniker to use in the meantime.

Sometimes your baby will grow out of their nickname and sometimes those names catch on and stick around for years, so be careful when selecting it! Even if your child’s nickname is only a special pet name that’s used at home, you will want a name that both you and your child love.

One thing is for certain though, you definitely want a nickname that’s as cute as your baby. If you’re looking for the perfect baby nickname, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the cutest baby nicknames around!

A sleeping baby.

Cute baby nicknames for girls

Baby nicknames can be anything, from food-inspired to nature-inspired to nonsense-inspired. Your baby deserves a nickname that encompasses just how precious she truly is! Consider the following options:








Cute baby nicknames for boys

Is your little boy rough and tumble? Sweet and sensitive? All of the above? Choose a nickname that represents his personality and all its nuance.

Bud or Buddy








Whatever you call your little “bean” or “bump” from the time of conception through (maybe even) high school graduation, pick a nickname that embodies your love for your baby, and you can’t go wrong!

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