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5 perfect gifts for any high school graduate

It’s hard to believe that little kid you once knew is already arriving at the moment that marks the end of their childhood — high school graduation. Whether you’re a parent, aunt or uncle, grandparent, sibling, or friend, finding the perfect high school graduation gift is something that takes a lot of thought. You want to be reflective and personal, so think of this specific graduate and what they like, what their plans are, and your relationship with them. The best graduation gift will be from the heart and shows that you’re thinking about their first steps into adulthood.

We’ve rounded up the best high school graduation gifts to help you with the process.

Hamilton Lyrics Motivational Wall Print

At 8 x 10 inches, this small print will fit in any small dorm room or bedroom without the gift-giver making the choice about the large statement pieces in the room. The wildly popular Hamilton musical is almost universally loved by high schoolers, and this piece of art printed on Fuji Crystal Archive contains the lyrics from the show with “There’s a million things I haven’t done, but just you wait, just you wait… ” printed largely across the small background type with a silhouette of Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton. This gift says you can’t wait to see what your graduate will do next.

Charging Station for Multiple Devices

Tablets, phones, laptops, gaming devices … most high school graduates have at least a couple of devices to keep track of and all the individual cords and chargers that go with each. With space (both physical and mental) at a premium after high school, your graduate will appreciate this six-in-one charging station that comes with a mix of charging cords for different devices including but not limited to the iPhone, Kindle, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Droid phones, and Nintendo Switch — almost any device that uses lightning cables, Micro-USB, or Type-C USB. The station comes in silver, pink, or blue.

The Year of You: 365 Journal Writing Prompts for Creative Self-Discovery

Just because high school is over doesn’t mean self-discovery is ending. Your graduate has a lot of soul-searching ahead as they figure out what to do next. This 12-month journal can be started in any month (it doesn’t have to be January) and leads the journaler through 365 days of writing prompts. Each month has a theme like career, relationships, and growth.

Personalized Pens Gift Set

This 2-pack of personalized pens comes in a lovely gift box. Choose the colors of the pens (one black and the other can be black, blue, purple, or red) and the text of two lines of up to 35 characters each. Whether your graduate is going to college, an internship, or a job next, they’ll appreciate these elegant, custom pens they’ll need anywhere. They can think of you whenever they use them.

Noise Canceling Wireless Earbuds

This sleek black pair of wireless earbuds feature three-layer noise cancellation that will keep noise out while your graduate is trying to study or work. These also have a transparent mode that allows sound in without taking the headphones out. They are Bluetooth-enabled and pair with their device easily. The pair comes with a compact charging case, and they will last for over eight hours of playtime on one charge. They’re even waterproof!

You can’t go wrong with the gifts above, but if you’re looking for even more gift ideas, check out our ultimate gift guide for teens. No matter what you choose, include a heartfelt card of congratulations that will mean just as much to your graduate.

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